The dating simulator The Dead by Daylight is a cute, but unlikable thing

The dating simulator The Dead by Daylight is a cute, but unlikable thing ...

Hooked on You, a Dead by Daylight dating simulator, is a strange paradox. For most studios, this project would exist in the form of an April Fools joke or Easter egg. But Dead by Daylight has a notoriously thirsty fan base, and developer Behaviour has leaned into this, giving players a dedicated game where they can meet their favorite notorious Killers.

The objective is simple: you wake up on an island surrounded by some of Dead by Daylight's sexiest Killers, who want to hang you up on a hook instead of immediately shanking you, they want to play beach volleyball and smooch. The player chooses the Killer they want to spend time with, attends awkward beach activities coordinated by awkward Survivors Dwight and Claudette, and plays the occasional minigame.

Hooked on You is a jokey game that allows the player to snuggle up to one of these deadly Killers. If they are unlucky, they are stabbed. This is where developer Psyop stumbles, constantly asking the player Is this weird? A whole dating simulator about a horror game?

Hooked on You isn't a bad game by any means; it's quite enjoyable to play. There's a funny, more exclusive, and above all, licensed character from the horror franchises hanging out. The Trickster also shows up as a surprise guest and mentions his NFT line. Or the Trapper proves himself to be incapable of a possessive, controlling love imitation.

Hooked on You has all of these great traits, but at the end of the day the game is apprehensive that youll discover it cringe. Characters start off yelling and winking aloud, before saying how wild and unexpected it is that theyre saying wink, wink rather than just winking. The narration stomps on my foot and asks me if I understand that this whole concept is stupid, then says, "Yes, Hooked on You, I am

Psyop is just concerned that the player is laughing at them rather than with them. Everything is aimed at preemptively reassuring you that the developer knows this is a joke, and yes, it would be quite comical if this were serious, but it isnt.

Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim is now available on Steam. The game was tested on PC using a download code provided by Behaviour Interactive. These do not affect editorial content, though Vox Media may earn commissions for purchases made via affiliate links.

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