Secret societies on Civilization 6 are explained

Secret societies on Civilization 6 are explained ...

Civilization VI is a massive game that was developed over many years and later expanded over its lifetime. There are three different versions of the main game, as well as various add-ons that can transform the experience dramatically.

Civilization 6's secret societies are one such expansion. There are four different societies that you may join, each with a different bonus. Some civs work better by pairing with specific societies, too, so choosing the right one can be extremely helpful. There are also different methods for discovering each secret society, so we've covered that too.

Thats why we were here to assist, explaining how each of Civ 6's secret societies functions and how to join them, and, thanks to the wonderful Reddit community, weve also obtained an idea of which civs work best with which society. Or, for something completely different, check out our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 preview.

Civilization 6s secret societies

Civ VI has four secret societies. You can find them below, as well as the different bonuses that each one offers.

  • Discovered when you send an envoy to a city-state
  • One additional economic policy slot
  • Bonus envoys from trade routes to city-states
  • Gilded vault unique building, offering culture adjacency bonuses and an additional trade route for cities with a harbour
  • Discovered when you find a natural wonder
  • New resource ley lines which gives adjacency bonuses to all speciality districts
  • Bonus yields whenever a great person is earned
  • Alchemical society unique building that replaces the university, offering additional great merchant and engineer points, alongside increased production and gold
  • Discovered when you visit a tribal village
  • Old god obelisk unique building that replaces the monument, offering additional faith and great work slots
  • The cultist, a unique unit which can recruit followers in enemy cities to reduce their loyalty
  • Discovered when you defeat a barbarian camp
  • Vampire unique unit that gets stronger when adjacent units die
  • Vampires dont die, rather they retreat and can be healed through pillaging
  • Vampire castles that offer defensive bonuses and extra yields (they can be built on an empty tile in territory thats yours or empty)
  • Vampire castles can be used as teleports in later eras

What steps do I need to take to join one of Civilization 6's secret societies?

Joining a secret society is super simple. Each society has a unique governor. All you have to do is select the governor of the country you wish to join, and promote them. Easy as pie.

Which of the Civilization 6's secret societies is the best?

Im going to look to the Civ community for help defining what we mean by that. It's a huge community, and, due to everyone's dedication to the game, they can be quite helpful in understanding how all of the different components in the game work.

Parkesy14, a Reddit user, has posted a Civilization 6 secret societies tier list, matching different leaders with the best society for it. You can also check out the comments as there's always more useful information there.

Civilization 6 secret societies are all we have to offer. For more information, check out our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 trailers, and Xenoblade Chronicles 3 direct guides.