In Final Fantasy XIV, how do I unlock Hildibrand quests?

In Final Fantasy XIV, how do I unlock Hildibrand quests? ...

Final Fantasy XIV is a game that features a slew of fictional tales that will transport players through a myriad of adventures. The Hildibrand quests are unlike any other, though, with elements from detective stories mixed with humor.

Since they were released, these quests have been hugely popular in the community, and thats why more have been added with each expansion since A Realm Reborn. In Endwalker, they'll be crucial since they'll be linked to the Relic weapon quests.

How to unlock Hildibrand quests in FFXIV

The only requirement to have reached level 50 in Hildibrand's first quest is to have reached the level 50. It's called The Rise and Fall of Gentlemen and is given by Wymond in Uldah (X: 9.9, Y: 8.7).

The only requirement for having reached a specific base level and having completed all previous sidequests is to unlock all questlines from the next expansion. Here are some of those quests, level requirements, and locations.

  • Heavensward: A Gentleman Falls, Rather than Flies, level 60, The Pillars (X:5.9, Y:9.9)
  • Stormblood: A Hingan Tale: Nashu Goes East, level 70, Kugane (X:10.6, Y:9.8)
  • Shadowbringers: none
  • Endwalker: TBA

The Sleeping Gentleman is already linked to the Hildibrand narrative arc in Endwalker, but it's unclear whether a separate blue chain of quests will be introduced with Patch 6.25 since it'll be directly linked to the Relic weapons.