What courses may students take at Two Point Campus?

What courses may students take at Two Point Campus? ...

Two Point Campus is a college simulation game where you test your abilities and organization as you design and manage your own campuses, but with a twist. Each campus has its own problems and distinct features, such as a wizarding school with no funding, a party school that only pays for thrills, and a music school with no funding. You must set things straight and lead the students to success through an array of unique courses!

All courses in Two Point Campus

All of the courses that are gradually being available to your campuses at each location.

  • Robotics
  • Virtual Normality
  • Spy School
  • Wizardry
  • Dark Arts
  • Knight School
  • Gastronomy
  • Scientography
  • Funny Business
  • General Knowledge
  • Internet History
  • Academic Exercise
  • Money Wangling
  • Countercultural Studies
  • Musicality
  • Archaeology
  • Spy School
  • School of Thought

Your students choose courses for the entire academic year or longer, depending on the topic. They may choose from a wide variety of different topics, from sciences to knighthood, and it is what they will be taught on campus through a series of courses that all contain essential knowledge related to that topic. However, you must ensure that the courses are fully completed before you assign any tasks to them.

How to unlock courses in Two Point Campus

Unfortunately, on the first playthrough, you are required to navigate through each campus progressively to unlock new features and courses. Each location has a different and unique challenge, and you will gain the courses as you complete and unlock each one. You can read through the descriptions of each place on the map to see what courses will be available there later.

To assign students a course for your campus, you will need to go to the Course Management menu, usually displayed at the start of a new academic year. You will earn Course points by leveling up campuses to add and upgrade courses to your campus. Some campuses require you to teach specific courses, while others will allow you to add many different ones completely free.

Notice on the right menu that the course you are considering is specific. Special classrooms and materials are required in order for students to complete the course successfully. Some courses last for many years and will cost you more money than others. Your students may have a harder time completing longer courses if you have no equipment and tutoring.

There are so many opportunities and possibilities to explore with the wide variety of courses offered to you. Have fun decorating your campus with the themed items and required materials for each class, and ensure that your students succeed by hiring experienced teachers!

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