Former Bachelor and Ex Spotted Together Again: They Are Endgame

Former Bachelor and Ex Spotted Together Again: They Are Endgame ...

In the last days, two surprising Bachelor Nation executives have been spotted together, and the situation is generating a lot of interest. The Bachelor Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan have already given romance a try, or two, and now people are wondering if they are rekindling their romance.

When Weber's season aired in early 2020, they actually met shortly before filming started when he attended a class reunion at the same hotel where she attended a wedding. Flanagan and Weber reconnected shortly before hometowns. After his engagement to final rose recipient Hannah Ann Sluss ended, and their relationship with Madison Prewett ended. Have they just decided to quit?

Here's all you need to know about it:

Recently, Weber and Flanagan had a couple of meetings.

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Some slurs were thrown between Weber and Flanagan after they unexpectedly split in January 2020. Neither has seemed to have been in a serious relationship since then; suddenly, they seem to be hanging out together again. A fan's cousin saw The Bachelor exes together at an airport. Weber was wearing his pilots outfit, while Flanagan was walking through the airport with him.

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Flanagan and Weber were seen together again on August 10 in Chicago, where she grew up. Both Bachelor Nation Scoop and the people behind the Instagram account Bachelor Tea Spill received photos showing the two together. They were standing outside the stadium and also posed inside with a fan, but they did not show any obvious identification.

Fans have a lot to say about this potential romance redo.

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The Bachelor sub on Reddit received almost twice as many votes for Nay! as there were for My spouse in 2020. Flanagan said she wanted more of a man she could look up to.

Flanagans' previous posts were quickly posted on Reddit. She was so enraged by this, and another wrote, That's why this is so horrifying to me. She's never really over him, really.

Another Redditor admitted that I love everything about this mess.

If they weren't hooking up, I'd be SHOCKED, but I'd be concerned about it if they didn't tell someone else.

At this point, Peters season will probably continue to run until 2030, according to a different commenter.

Idc [I don't care] I want them together for no f***ing reason, declared someone else.

Has Flanagan experienced a resentment toward her ex? Is this really just a couple of platonic encounters between The Bachelor exes? Many franchise fans will keep an eye on these two to see what emerges.