Lisa Rinna Is Ridiculed Over An Embarrassing Fashion Shoot

Lisa Rinna Is Ridiculed Over An Embarrassing Fashion Shoot ...

Fans have often chastised Lisa Rinna for her fashion choices, with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star often receiving criticism for her outfits.

Rinna posted a series of photos with the same esthetic as last week, with the caption, YZYGAP. Fans were quick to chastise her for the look:

L I S A R I N N A (@lisarinna) has shared a post.

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Rinna was chastised on Reddit by followers who claimed she looked like a bug or that she was getting free glasses from the optician.

Rinna was ridiculed both in her Instagram remarks and in a thread on Reddit titled, Rinna shilling ridiculously for Kanye Wests new Sunglasses. Someone said, I used to have them, but they were advertised as something you put in your front window to keep the cars from becoming hot when you return.

One person wrote, Hahaha I saw the picture and wondered where my fly swatter is. Another commented on the bug resemblance, writing, She's giving us space bug realness. Several others made similar comments about optometrists glasses, with one saying, They give you these glasses for free at the optometrist.

Rinna was ripped by one person, and I doubt I would want her to model anything I was actively trying to sell. Another commented, how does she not find this embarrassing. One Redditor agreed, she is just giving second hand embarrassment eleganza.

One person wrote, It's not giving what she believes its giving. Another said, Ben Stiller did a better job of explaining it, with many Redditors making the same remarks about Ben Stillers Zoolander. Another wrote, Is she in a bathroom? Which is appropriate because we need to flush this entire thing down the toilet.

Rinna has been criticized by fans for her fashion choices often, most recently after appearing on Watch What Happens Live.

L I S A R I N N A (@lisarinna) has shared a post.

Rinna was recently chastised by fans for her choice of outfit for her August 3 Watch What Happens Live appearance. She wore a Saint Laurent v-neck catsuit with rose pattern and kept her hair short with spikes, captioning her Instagram photo, Having a little @ysl moment.

Rinnas appearance was praised by many on social media platforms, with followers on Reddit, Instagram, and Facebook stating that she looked like Sonic the Hedgehog. One wrote, Sonic 2 is coming, while another added, "When you go to the salon and say Gimme the Sonic the Hedgehog.

Rinnas style made her look like a cockatoo bird, according to another. As Wanda Sykes says in Monster in Law, fix your hair, you look like a cockatoo.