Exclusive Relationship Revealed by Southern Charm Star

Exclusive Relationship Revealed by Southern Charm Star ...

Olivia Flowers, a Charleston resident, was introduced to a new cast member on Season 8 of Southern Charm, who has since been chatting to her long-time pal Austen Kroll. Fans have since wondered if the two are still a couple, especially in light of Flowers' appearance on Watch What Happens Live, where she even wore a diamond ring.

In an interview with US Weekly, Flowers put the engagement rumors to rest, but she did confirm that the couple is in an exclusive relationship. We have had an amazing summer together and traveled and were still great, she said, revealing that they are not seeing anyone else.

We were just having fun. This summer, we went to some really cool places. You always get to know someone on a different level when you travel with them.

Once the cameras left and the shows ended, we just got to know each other and figure out if this was something we wanted or were definitely in each others lives.

Flowers has stated that she is not rushing to get married, and that the diamond ring seen on Watch What Happens Live was a lovely one from a stylist, but not an engagement ring.

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Flowers spoke out about the criticism Kroll received in his previous relationships with women.

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Kroll has received a lot of criticism in the past about his approach to dating women, most recently after he was caught in a love triangle with Lindsay Hubbard and Ciara Miller on Summer House season 6, according to Flowers, who revealed that she got an open mind from people as she and Kroll began dating.

She said she and Kroll chatted about it a few times before, and it was always pleasant and helpful, and thats why she didnt let other peoples opinions or preexisting dramas sway me either way. Flowers said she was surprised that Kroll was able to propose to Patricia Altschul's dog wedding on the August 11 episode, despite Ciara Miller being in town.

[Ciara] was out in town that night, and they ended up all going out that night. I was surprised by his behavior, but even more so by his desire to go hang out with his ex.

So, with all of my frustration, we recovered from it and moved on. And that's what happens when you're in that strange gray area with someone.

On the Past Season of Summer House, Flowers Addressed Krolls Drama

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Flowers said she didn't really watch Summer House season 6, but went to see it after hearing a lot about the Krolls love triangle in the Hamptons. When Southern Charm season 8 was shot, she hadn't seen the other Bravo show, which was shot just before.

She said she kept hearing about it until she decided to check it out. But she explained that everything happened before she and Kroll began dating. I wasnt really weighing in on what I thought or what I thought went down, she spilled. Just thought they had moved on.