Upgrades to the best Cult of the Lamb Divine Inspiration

Upgrades to the best Cult of the Lamb Divine Inspiration ...

If you want to get the most out of Cult of the Lamb Divine Inspiration upgrades, here are some ideas. Such amenities as working toilets and sleeping accommodations are only available once you have unlocked them with Divine Inspiration. Then you can begin building and preventing a messy revolt.

When you start your cult, it's important to construct the central shrine where your followers show their devotion to you. That Devotion is then collected and transformed into Cult of the Lamb Divine Inspiration, which you need to upgrade your base. The more upgrades you unlock, the more costly they get, so consider your options carefully.

Cult of the Lamb's best Divine Inspiration cult upgrades

When you first unlock the Cult of the Lamb Divine Inspiration upgrade tree, you can see every option and path available, and you can begin to prioritize which upgrades youd like to prioritize. Every option and path has its advantages, but a lot of it comes down to how you want to run your cult.

Once you have spent a specified amount of Divine Inspiration, each tier of Divine Inspiration unlocks, and most come with a mandatory cult upgrade. It helps to strengthen your temple and shrine, allowing more followers to pray and increasing the amount of Devotion that can be collected. Tier 3, however, requires you to unlock the Refinery rather than the Refinery.

For each tier, unlocks are required:

  • Cult II, Tier 2: Four unlocks
  • Refinery, Tier 3: Ten unlocks
  • Cult III, Tier 4: 20 unlocks
  • Cult IV, Tier 5: 25 unlocks

To reach the new level, you need only unlock the blueprint, though, so please do not waste time.

Your followers need a place to sleep, or they will get frustrated pretty quickly and may disagree. They also require fixing every few nights, which consumes precious lumber. Tier 2s Shelters are also useful upgrades.

The Grand Shelter isn't available until Tier 4, but it's worth pursuing. Not only does the Grand Shelter never collapse, but it will also draw more Divine Inspiration while you sleep. This should probably be your first choice when you reach Tier 4.

As soon as youve unlocked the basic Farm Plot in the Divine Inspiration tree, the Farming Bundle is available. Thats what they are all about.

Poor cult sanitation will result in poor follower health, and you may find yourself in a vicious circle of vomit and illness. When you feed your followers, both are inevitable, especially with early recipes available to you, so youll spend a fair amount of your time cleaning up mess. The sooner you construct an Outhouse and Janitors Station the better, because it allows followers to clean up their own mess.

If you arent concerned about your followers' complaints, you can stick to the Janitors Station, and theyll continue to remove their bowels outside. At least you know it will be cleaned up regardless.

The Janitor Station and Outhouse aren't mutually exclusive. They only require Sleepings Bags and Shelter to be unlocked before them, both of which you'll likely want anyway.

The Demonic Summoning Circle is a great cult upgrade if you need a little help on crusades. For the duration of a crusade, the follower will be transformed into their demonic form.

The Demonic Summoning Circle can be re-locked at Tier 2, with a Tier 3 upgrade that allows for two demons at a time. The only prerequisite for the summoning circle is Farm Plot, which you'll probably get anyway.

If your cults faith drops to a halt, rituals will be one of the main avenues. Some rituals, such as sacrificing a follower, will give you additional strength and weapons. Since they involve large amounts of money, they come at a higher price.

Cheaper Rituals and Ritual Cooldowns are fairly self-explanatory cult upgrades, but they are definitely worth trying. Ritual Cooldowns equals the wait time, while Cheaper Rituals equals the cost of Rituals, and is unlocked at Tier 4.

The Sleeping Bags, Offering Statues, and Tabernacle are all worthwhile, although they do add to the ritual improvements.

There are a number of upgrades available for Cult of the Lamb Divine Inspiration, and while some are considered to be the most powerful, others may be more appropriate for your game. Take a look at our beginners guide, which includes suggestions for getting started outside of your cults grounds as well as in. And when your followers are showering you in faith, take a look at which Cult of the Lamb Doctrines you might want to unlock.