The Best Stardew Valley Mods and How to Install them

The Best Stardew Valley Mods and How to Install them ...

Looking for the greatest Stardew Valley mods? Despite its absence from the Steam Workshop, the simulation games mod scene has continued to blossom on PC, from game-breaking cheats like god mode to texture improvements that transform Stardew Valley into a pixelated fairytale.

Despite thousands of daily concurrent players still enjoying the base game, Stardew Valley is over seven years old, so we cant blame you for wanting to shake things up. Thankfully, and predictably, modders are there to help, bringing other IPs to the valley, new maps, and even improvements to married life. How do we get that one in real life? Here are our top picks that highlight the creative flair of the modding scene.

the best Stardew Valley mods

Here's our top pick of the best Stardew Valley mods right now. With the game's popularity still so high, there are new mods popping up every day, so keep checking back for updates. And if this is your first time exploring the world of Stardew Valley mods, read to the bottom for a handy guide.

The nostalgic chimes of the ice-cream truck are enough to engulf those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere this year, sending us fleeing our desks and down the road. So surely our Stardew Valley residents would appreciate an ice-cold sweet treat as well? With the adorable, pastel-colouredDaphnes buildable ice cream truck mod, Stardew Valley creator Abi Wabi, new NPC Daphne and her truck will be available for all your in

ThePerks of being Married, published by Trent XV on Nexus Mods, provides a new fun and useful feature to the farming game where you may earn rewards for getting married, which vary depending on who you choose to marry in the game. Each character will have a different trait that they can apply to.

The Holiday Sales mod, developed by atravita and available on Nexusmods, allows you to dictate shop opening times. While this isn't necessary if youre already using other mods for other towns, it does allow you to correct a bug within those mods. When there's a festival elsewhere, keep your shops open.

This visual overhaul is required if you want to give Stardew Valley a fantasy twist. All buildings become adorable pastel houses that look like they are straight out of a childrens fairytale book, complete with striking flowers crawling up the sides of houses and giant mushroom trees that give the whole mod a very Alice in Wonderland feel.

The Balanced Mining mod, byo0MrPro, does not modify mining itself, but rather makes it more enjoyable by varying the value of the resources you find. Artifacts, minerals, and gems are all given a higher sell price when you return above ground, giving more value to all of the sweaty labor that only provides pleasure.

FlashShifter's massive mod contains a slew of free content, including ten new map locations, 38 new character events, revised maps and festivals, as well as a new town map with all changes, and many other little-known additions!

It's a lot of work to plant seeds, water crops, and collect your abundant harvest. But pathoschildsTractormod has made every farmer's life easier. Clear twigs and rocks, fertilize dirt, plant seeds, harvest crops, and water the ground. If you dig into the mod's config menu, you may even kill monsters!

If Pokemon isn't officially released on PC, then you may as well try to include it in every game possible, from resizing your livestock into Mareep and Miltank to changing buildings into Pokemon Gyms, and, finally, making your villagers into Pokemon if you wish.

The ability to have biological or adopted children with your spouse is a lovely feature in Stardew Valley. This babies and toddlers mod, Babies Take After Spouse, adds some personalization. Your child inherits many features from your spouse, such as hair and colour styles.

It's difficult to know which animals you've shown love to and which ones you havent on your farm. That's what drives me to keep double and triple checking that I've covered all of my animals. It's/very/very/very important. But as much as I love petting the cute animals, I'm on a tight schedule and with jinxiewinxies modLoved Labels, you can see which animals you've shown love to that day.

TheNPC map locationsmod allows you to see where each villager is at any time, even if you're only interested in a few characters' locations.

After you have tied the knot, your spouse will move into your farmhouse with you, bringing with them a new room for their belongings and hobbies. Unfortunately, these rooms do not feel entirely personal to each character, and instead are filled with generic items.

Each room in Stardew Valley is reimagined in a new way, allowing for personal touches for each spouse. Elliot receives a desk and a typewriter due to his employment as an author, while Leah receives decorative paintings and art supplies to match her hobbies.

Seasonal Japanese building mod transforms all of your traditional farm buildings into Japanese-style structures to commemorate the spring and summer seasons. This mod also transforms your well into a shishi-odoshi, a bamboo-rocker water feature, bringing a little bit of zen to your farm.

The bath house in Stardew Valley is a tad daffodil as it stands out against the game's rural charms. The Bath House Hot Spring mod replaces the bath house with an indoor hot spring, providing a sweet, tranquil experience that fits the game's rustic theme.

With the aedenthorns Multiple Spouses mod, there are just so many cute characters in Stardew Valley that we can't seem to date them all! But it's also fantastic to see a mod that includes non-monogamous relationships as well. For example, it allows you to alter jealousy-based group events to have a happy outcome.

After a break, you may return to your farm and wonder what you have planted there. A minor but handy improvement, the Simple Crop Label mod allows for a name tab to appear over a crop when you hover over it with your mouse.

It's not that difficult to install scarecrows and sprinklers perfectly on your farm. We've all been there. It's frustrating to wake up to discover your precious seedlings have been pinched by crows as the tile is out of range of your scarecrow. This Stardew Valley Range Display mod displays the entire range of scarecrows, sprinklers, and bee houses you'll need to place on your farm, ensuring that your crops stay well watered

The fish in Stardew Valley are unpredictable. They will not allow themselves to be caught without you having to put in some effort to do so. This mod tries to help alleviate the frustration that comes with this minigame by making the fish movements easier, and therefore easier to track, as well as making the fish move up and down the meter less swiftly.

Fences are an attractive addition to your garden, in addition to being beneficial in keeping animals and certain crops contained in a single section of your farm. The drawback, however, is that they age over time, making regular wooden fences less harmful to you.

This Stardew Valley Item Spawner mod allows you to summon any item, at whatever quantity and quality, straight into your inventory, without having to go through the dozens of hours required otherwise.

You may wish you could access your chests from anywhere, including when you go into a mining session only to realize that your inventory is full of the item. Or maybe you have been out trying to impress a villager, and the present you are giving them is actually back in one of your chests. No more annoying trips to the farm to pick up or drop off items.

In Stardew Valley, stamina is a very limited commodity, and with so much to pack into a day's work from farming to battling your way through the mines, it can feel like you have never gotten enough of it. The Stamina Regen mod can help you recover one point of stamina every three seconds, making mining expeditions much more enjoyable. Maker EvilPdor has also developed useful controls for the weather and changing your character wake-up time.

This is a mod that defies nature, allowing you to grow and harvest any plant or crop whatever the season may hold, and does not cause crops to age when a season changes, but youll be able to grow all of the strawberries you desire later in the year.

In Stardew Valley, it can feel like everything is against you, even the clock. Part of this is learning how to manage your day efficiently, choosing to finish a few tasks rather than working on a lot of tasks. Rather than deal with that stress, thisTimeSpeed mod allows you to customize the length of time you have each day, doubling the time by default but allowing for custom lengths depending on how much you need.

The Idle Pause mod is a useful tool for those who are time-aware, since it automatically pauses when it detects more than a few seconds of idleness, increasing the inventory to indicate when the in-game timer has stopped ticking. Finally, you may take bathroom breaks again.

This Horse Whistle mod allows you to summon your horse, regardless of where you left it, by pressing V, and the horse travels to your location using what we can only assume to be genuine magic.

OK, we all know what you're looking for. The CJB cheats menu offers unlimited access to every cheat under the sun, as well as unlimited health and stamina. You may freeze time, modify your relationships with the villagers, and map to any location on the map.

The game does not have any Steam Workshop support, so changing the game's internal files is essential. Therefore, for peace of mind, we strongly recommend backing up all of your files especially your save files before downloading and installing any mods. Any existing mods you have installed may be broken by a future update.

Stardew Valley offers two main types of mod: mods that replace existing XNB files in the content folder, and mods that require the Stardew Modding API, or SMAPI, to install.

XNB Files Most Stardew Valley mods make minor adjustments to the game, such as changing visuals or reskinning assets. These require you to replace the existing XNB file with a newer version.

The corresponding XNB file will be located in the Stardew Valley content folder once downloaded, for example, cat.XNB. By default, the Stardew Valley content folder is located here: C:/Steam/steamapps/common/Stardew Valley/Content.

The content folder has several subfolders, with most of the important assets, including animals and villagers, having their own subfolder, making them easy to find. With our new cat.xnb file, you will need to go into the Animals subfolder and replace the existing cat.xnb file with our new modded file, which will then appear in the game the next time it is booted.

If you ever wish to uninstall a mod, we recommend that you backup any unmodded files.

SMAPI is required for installation for mods that make significant changes to the game, such as altering events. It is an open source software that is maintained by the Stardew Valley modding community. SMAPI can also help to monitor your files by checking when your mods have received a new update, as well as rewrite any installed mods when an official Stardew Valley update changes any part of the game that affects your mods.

Content Patcher is a SMAPI mod that allows you to download content packs that can alter the game's visuals or assets, but without forcing you to manually alter the XNB files. This is a much more reliable way of installing mods than replacing XNB files, as they can be automatically updated, installed, and uninstalled through SMAPI.

Yuuki's Stardew Valley Mod Manager is a fantastic tool for keeping track of all your mods and managing SMAPI. Its best feature is giving you the ability to turn mods on or off without deleting the files, which is handy if you, like us, are extremely indecisive or have half a dozen different grass mods that you want to try out.

Weve established the foundations for continuing to grow your Stardew experience, so get back in the game and nurture the farm. These best Stardew Valley mods will keep you coming back. Love it so much youre considering a real-life career change? We asked a California farmer how realistic Stardew Valley is.