In Tower of Fantasy, where can I get Carrion Snails?

In Tower of Fantasy, where can I get Carrion Snails? ...

As you journey across the world of Tower of Fantasy, you will come across a wide variety of different foods to cook with. Some of these foods are quite easy to find and are often scarce when you do discover them. This is where you can find Carrion Snails in Tower of Fantasy.

In Tower of Fantasy, where can I find Carrion Snails?

After you get to Banges, you will need to complete the game for a while before you can get any Carrion Snails. They do not appear in the game's starting area, so you will need to get out of Astra before you can find them.

The map below demonstrates the areas where we had the most success finding Carrion Snails. They are a rare creature so you will probably only find one or two at a time. Follow the coastline from end to end in order to collect them.

How to use Carrion Snails

Carrion Snails have a higher Satiety point than most items that you can purchase as a snack. We advise against eating a Carrion Snail as it isn't a meal, because they can provide more benefits to your character if used correctly.