The dating simulator The Dead by Daylight is cute, but unruly

The dating simulator The Dead by Daylight is cute, but unruly ...

Hooked on You, a humorously named dating simulator for Dead by Daylight, is a curious paradox. For most studios, it would be a March Fools joke or Easter egg. Dead by Daylight has a notoriously thirsty fan base, and developer Behaviour has leaned into this, giving players a dedicated game where they can meet their favorite notorious Killers.

The story is quite simple: Some of the most sexiest Killers in Dead by Daylight are out there playing beach volleyball and smooch. The player chooses which Killer they want to spend time with, attends awkward Survivor activities coordinated by awkward Survivors Dwight and Claudette, and plays the occasional minigame.

Hooked on You is a jokey game that allows the player to snuggle up to one of these deadly Killers. If they are unlucky, they are stabbed. This is where developer Psyop falls into the trap of asking is this strange? A whole dating simulation about a horror game?

Hooked on You isnt a bad game by any means; in fact, its quite enjoyable. There's a joke about a different island that's much cooler, more exclusive, and that's all of the games licensed characters from other horror films hanging out. Then there's a powerful lighthouse chasing souls out of other realities to die on the harsh shores, or the Trapper proving himself to be incapable of a possessive, controlling love imitation.

Hooked on You has all of these fantastic qualities, but at the end of the day the game is scared you might find it cringe. Characters begin their sentences by saying wink, wink, before humorously slamming the fourth wall two scenes later to justify why you should review the game on Steam.

It's all very unnecessary, and I hope Behaviour and Psyop take a second swing at the dating sim genre without all the self-conscious narrative clutter.

The Steam version of Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim is now available. Behaviour Interactive provided a download code for the game. These do not affect editorial content, though Vox Media may earn commissions for purchases made via affiliate links.

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