The trailer for Forspokens, which is stuffed with dialogue, is being dragged by people

The trailer for Forspokens, which is stuffed with dialogue, is being dragged by people ...

The game's Twitter page shared a trailer for Square Enix and Luminous Productions' upcoming game Forspoken on Monday, which quickly went viral for less-than-flattering reasons. In the trailer, protagonist Frey moves fluidly through a fantasy setting, showing off her magic in combat against dragons and other creatures. But here's the catch: Frey also narrates through the entirety of the trailer in a well, that just happened style.

So, let me get this straight: Im somewhere that I wouldn't know... Im seeing weird dragons... and... oh yeah, im talking to a cuff. That's what I do now. I'll probably fly next.

A beautiful and horrifying new land? Twisted monsters? A myriad of magical abilities? Sensient jewelry? Welcome to the world of #Forspoken.

Twitter users took to the platform to mock the ridiculous voiceover in the trailers, by describing the plot of other popular games.

What is my name? Yeah I'm a freakin GOD as it turns out. Shyeah I'm all about that axe life. That handsome devil next to me? Fam, that's literally my BOY. He can thank me for his good looks AND formative trauma. But honestly?

Kazuma Kiryu, the Dragon of Dojima! sounded cooler in my head, sorry.I'm always meeting up with the most powerful fighters in Japan, discovering hidden agendas, and...(cut to Yakuza 2 baby substory)Yeah. That's for me to tell my therapist.

Joss Whedon, who isn't involved in this project, began trending on Twitter as people noted the similarities between the trailer's tone and Whedons tendency to embellish the text with jokes.

In video games, protagonists often talk to themselves, whether it's for wayfinding, story progression, or quest line purposes. It can be anything from unobtrusive to unobtrusive, and sometimes useful. For example, Aloy from the Horizon series tends to talk to herself about how to defeat particular machine enemies. The dialogue provides valuable strategic information that I've found helpful when playing those games.

The Forspokens trailer... isn't that bad. It's a bad TikTok voiceover, or the Marvel (we can also just say Big Disney Franchise) school of thought, with a protagonist mostly pointing out expository details that viewers can easily identify, rather than simply feeling things. It's the difference between screaming help, I am falling off of a building, and AAAAAHHHH when you've been pushed off of a building.

"Is that a thing?" *sees thing*"I'm totally doing a thing!" *does thing*"I'm totally doing a thing!" "Yeah, that just happened," wrote the author.

When the Forspoken woman actually begins flying, the enemies will be visible.

In our Forspoken preview, Polygon initially identified the overburdened dialogue. According to the developers, these remarks are Frey's way of coping with a difficult or absurd situation. It makes sense that the protagonist of a fish-out-of-water story would continue to scream with disbelief.

Tom Keegan, who is a Black woman, used strange stereotypes to describe Frey, who was initially described as hip hoppy, and on the verge of prison before being transported to Athia, according to a report. This question did not receive an answer during the preview.

Following delays, Forspoken is scheduled to be released in January 2023, and will be available on PlayStation 5 and Windows PC.