In League, Riot intends to update Neeko and Syndra mid-scope

In League, Riot intends to update Neeko and Syndra mid-scope ...

Riot Games announced plans for two additional mid-scope changes to Neeko and Syndra today, bolstering the ever-growing pool of League of Legends champions expected to undergo these types of changes.

Ryan Reav3 Mireles, the lead producer of League gameplay, dropped a bunch of information on new champions and updates of various degrees to those already on the roster in a recent developer vlog. Players will be familiar with the term mid-scope update by now. They started in 2021 with the enhancements to Xin Zhao and Wukong that saw them return to the forefront of competitive play.

Older champions that have been left in the dust, or who didn't land as strongly as intended, are getting the attention they deserve, according to Reav3. As champions have gained more personality and identity in recent years, older champions that have been spoiled due to being too early in the game's life cycle are getting the focus they need.

Neeko and Syndra are two champions with extremely iconic identities and kits, making them strong candidates for a mid-scope update. Reav3 also mentioned the higher play rate and general positive player feedback to mid-scope updates.

These mid-scope changes arent to be confused with VGUs, as they are less extensive and involve more subtle changes to the visuals and gameplay, as opposed to just amplifications, for example. With the highly-anticipated Aurelion Sol changes, a CGU or comprehensive gameplay update will debut.

Matt Phroxzon Leung-Harrision, the league's lead designer, has announced that Riot will eventually cease producing new champions. With this information, it's only natural that attention is being drawn to the multitude of champions who, for whatever reason, might need a fresh set of eyes.

Neeko and Syndra's mid-scope predictions aren't clear exactly when they will be received, but there are already versions of Rell in the works, as well as possible further modifications to Gangplank in this vein, so expect further information when more information becomes available.