For the 2023 preseason season, a ping and vision system is in the works

For the 2023 preseason season, a ping and vision system is in the works ...

The League of Legends ping system will be overhauled for the first time in over ten years.

Matthew Phroxzon Leung-Harrison, the lead game designer on the Summoners Rift team, appeared in a recent developer vlog to discuss changes to the game itself at the start of next season, including changes to pings and vision.

Smart pings were first released in season three, and almost a decade later, the system will undergo its first overhaul with the launch of the 2023 preseason.

The ability to communicate with teammates with just a keystroke and the flick of a mouse was a game changer. According to Phroxzon, the updated ping system will include new vision capabilities. Were also thinking about how to emphasize pings with teammates, plan macro strategy for objectives, and keep track of where pings are on the map, even if they aren't on your screen.

On the bottom right, bottom left, top right, and top right, additional options are being added to the existing ones, including, engage, harass, freeze, and push.

Individual changes are part of a larger strategy to bring systems up to modern standards before doing changes on the scale of, to use the examples Phroxzon mentioned, Runes Reforged, Elemental Rifts, or the recent Mythic item changes again in the 2023 preseason.

From the idea of swapping trinkets to the idea of putting wards themselves, the aim of the changes is to make the system more intuitive. This should continue to lower the entry barrier for new players by not requiring them to learn certain unintuitive game mechanics from years of trial and error.

When hovering over a wall, a visual representation of the wards vision range as well as its landing place will appear. This should eliminate the guesswork as to whether the ward will actually appear over the wall.