The finest Cult of the Lamb weapons, and how to enhance them

The finest Cult of the Lamb weapons, and how to enhance them ...

Are you interested in knowing which weapons are superior to others in the Cult of the Lamb game? With RNG affecting your progress through this roguelike game, you will not have a lot of choice when it comes to which weapons you wield against the four Cult of the Lamb Bishops and their followers. However, once you know which ones are superior to others, how to increase your damage, and how to increase your weapon pool, youll be able to pour your enemies blood with ease.

As you go through a quest, you'll be offered a weapon and, shortly thereafter, a curse. That starting weapon is generated randomly every time, and may be lost when the quest ends. Similarly, as you enter various paths, you might find a Merchant room, also offering you new weapons to take with you. It's always helpful to know what you've got and what you need before reading on for the best Cult of the Lamb weapons.

Best Cult of the Lamb weapons list

Cult of the Lamb has five basic weapons that may be upgraded over time; Traitors Razor, Crusaders Blade, Tempests Gauntlets, and Warmakers Hammer. In simpler terms, a dagger, a sword, an axe, and, well, gauntlets and a hammer.

  • Traitors Razor: A fast blade designed for many cuts. Low damage but lightning quick. Short range.
  • Crusaders Blade: A well-balanced blade dealing moderate damage. Medium range.
  • Apostates Cleaver: Swing with intent. A mighty tool of unstoppable brutality. High damage, medium range.
  • Tempests Gauntlets: Deadly spiked gloves. Weak at first, but devastating on a complete combo.
  • Warmakers Hammer: Slow to fall, yet calamitous upon landing.

The most useful weapon in Cult of the Lamb to look out for on your journeys is the Cleaver. While the axe may be slightly slower to wield, it does much more damage at a slightly wider range, giving you a bit more time to anticipate their movements.

The next best weapon to look out for in the Lands of the Old Faith is the Tempests Gauntlets. While each single blow does not deal much damage, land three consecutive hits in a combo, each with additional damage, and finish on a devastating final blow.

Whatever weapon fate gives you, keep an eye on its speed and range. If you get too close to an enemy with an axe or hammer, youll just miss them completely. Plus, you'll be using this weapon to harvest wood and stone during your crusade.

As you grow followers and deliver engaging sermons, you earn Faith, unlocking a new skill tree. While you have a separate Divine Inspiration tree for cult buildings and upgrades, the Faith skill tree is solely for weapons and curses. From here, you may unlock Might of the Devout levels I V. Each level of Might of the Devout increases the starter level of weapon you discover on your crusades.

Aside from these basic weapons, your weapon upgrade tree allows you to unlock additional weapon types: Bane, Vampiric, Necromantic, Zealous, Merciless, and Godly. Each of these releases a new weapon category into your loot pool, including its own dagger, sword, gauntlets, and hammer.

  • Bane weapons: Have a chance of poisoning enemies when attacking.
  • Vampiric weapons: Have a chance to heal the wielder using the life force of a slain foe.
  • Necromantic weapons: Have a chance to summon dangerous ghosts from dead enemies that attack nearby foes.
  • Zealous weapons: Will cause collected Fervour to increase your Divine Inspiration bar.
  • Merciless weapons: Chance to deal a Critical Hit when attacking enemies.
  • Godly weapons: Deals significantly more damage than mortal weapons.

As you go on your crusade, each of these adds to your weapon pool, but they do not replace your basic weapons. So, even with all of these unlockable, you may still get a basic Traitors Razor.

Final note: Tarot Cards and Rituals may increase your strength, attack damage, and more, so make sure you pick up every item you can and keep your cult growing. When you encounter a Merchant offering weapons, or you get rewards after defeating a dungeon, don't be afraid to stick with it.

As you enter the Lands of the Old Faith, youll be able to succeed on crusades, maintain followers' faith high, and prevent dissension. Check out our guide to re-educating or punishing them.