In Tower of Fantasy, how do I clear Ruin B-01?

In Tower of Fantasy, how do I clear Ruin B-01? ...

You'll likely encounter a variety of different Ruin dungeons during your journey in Tower of Fantasy. Most of these dungeons will give you a relic and two chests as well as a boss at the end. Be prepared, for the area is filled with danger.

Ruin B-01 location and level requirement

When you arrive in the Banges region, you will find Ruin B-01, a dungeon above the Black Market Spacerift. It is also near the border of the Navia region. You need to be at least level 21 to enter this Ruin.

How to clear Ruin B-01 in Tower of Fantasy

You will see a group of enemies in front of you in an open room as you enter the dungeon. Remove the enemies and you will see two different approaches that you can take. There is also a data terminal here if you need to keep up with information.

Start by following the path through the door. In the hallway, tap on the pressure plate and the door will close like in the image above. This will open the door to the first chest in this dungeon. Open the chest and pull the lever to open the door again so you can return to the open room.

Make your way across the rotating cylindrical platforms and defeat the enemies on the other side. Nine pressure plates will be on the floor that match up to nine dots on the wall behind them. Walk on the pressure plates to make them blue. Open the door leading to the next part of the dungeon. Reset the pressure plates if you make a mistake.

The second chest in the dungeon is located in the pressure plate room. The room with the chest is opposite the entrance to the dungeon. Look through the doorway to get the code for the chest door. Use the pressure plates to match up the red and blue colors on the wall behind the chest to open the door.

Progress through the exit door from the pressure plate room to defeat the enemies in the hallway. This will take you to the boss room where you will face off against Vulcan, an opponent who is different from the one found in Ruin A-03. This Vulcan attacks with fire damage instead of electricity.

Keep an eye on his different fire assaults when you encounter Vulcan. He typically launches two charge assaults and a ranged assault that results in a deadly AOE of fire that will burn you if you catch him in the final battle. Jetpack Shards will also be provided to upgrade your Jetpack relic.