The Boys' star divulges a crucial deleted Thor scene

The Boys' star divulges a crucial deleted Thor scene ...

According to actor Karl Urban, Thor: Ragnarok left a significant Skurge sequence on the cutting room floor.

Urban talked to GQ about his role in the 2017 Marvel film directed by Taika Waititi, most recently seen in Prime Video's golden goose The Boys.

His Asgardian warrior, tattooed and ruthless, started out as the new defender of the Bifrost (following Heimdall's self-exile), before joining up with Cate Blanchett's usurper Hela.

"There was actually a scene that did not make the final cut. Because the character has a fantastic arc," Urban said.

"Hela aligns himself with himself first of all, out of self-preservation. Because he could see that if he doesn't he'll be killed. But then, over the course of the film, he becomes increasingly sickened by what he's required to do in order to keep his decision up, to work for her.

"There's a scene where Hela asks him to cut the head off a young girl in a town square, and then post that scene, there's a scene which didn't make the final cut, is he utterly sickened to the core."

The Lord of the Rings star continued, "We discover him in some place. And he's actually being physically sick by what he's done." "It's very much about the genesis for this decision, and the guilt that he's feeling about what he's done, and how he's going to make it right at the appropriate time."

"And it's always fun when you have a character that you can take him in one direction, and then have a pivot."

Urban is also seen now in Netflix's animated The Sea Beast, which is clearly quite busy right now.

Thor: Love and Thunder is currently playing in both the United States and the United Kingdom. The other three Thor films are now available on Disney+.