Did Sandman Need More Constantine? Why Did Bluey Leave Fart Trial? Was Password Clue a Pissah? And More Qs!

Did Sandman Need More Constantine? Why Did Bluey Leave Fart Trial? Was Password Clue a Pissah? And M ...

Weve got questions, and you've (maybe) got answers! Was lobbing queries left and right about dozens of programs, including Better Call Saul, All Rise, So You Think You Can Dance, and Password!

Prey made a conscious effort to use the antique pistol that was used in Predator 2, but how did it end up in the aliens' possession in that first sequel? Or is it for a potential Prey 2 to tie up?

2 | Do you wish The Sandman had discovered a way to incorporate Jenna Coleman's modern-day Johanna Constantine into another episode before the end of Season 1?

3 | Come on. Wouldn't Blood & Treasures Arthur Chan have immediately smelled a rat when a random, lovely stranger begins talking casually about Genghis Khan? So soon after Simon approached him about same?

4 | Were you certain that The Chis EJ would interrupt Kiesha and Emmetts' early-morning attempt only to have the situation so much worse when Tiff was the one who walked in on them?

Is there any way this Sunday's season finale will not be a series finale given the latest and significant events on Westworld?

Did you catch this El Camino Easter egg? (Alaska served as Jesses' final destination, which Mike had dubbed the last frontier), and was each glimpse at Kim's new life more painful than the next? Bad sex? Instant coffee? Vanilla or strawberry?

| Who do you think will win the Raws Womens Tag Team tournament? Are you holding out hope that Sasha Banks and Naomi will return now that Triple H is in charge of content? And dont Seth Rollins tights remind you of the carpet in a 90s arcade?

9 | How peculiar is it that Only Murders in the BuildingSeason 2 has now introduced several characters Charles dad, Mabels dad, and Howards new love interest, while not giving them proper names? Does the fact that the show managed to have a well-lit blackout episode prove there's simply no excuse for how dreadful series have gotten in the last decade?

10 | After watching All Rise for two seasons on CBS, were you surprised by Lola and Robins' sexy makeup session in the midseason finale? Were you yelling at Emily not to open the door during the lockdown or to at least request for the person knocking to remove their ID under the door? Are you wondering how Sikes got a knife and gun past security into the HOJ?

11 | What are the chances that The Morning Show Season 3 will replicate Warner Bros. Discovery's merger and serve as a stand-in for CEO David Zaslav (or new CNN head Chris Licht)? Will one of his first major decisions be to close instant streaming failure CNN+, we mean UBA+?

12 | Is it us or did the girls voices change a bit in the Omelette episode? Do you think we should ask why somewhat comical episodes from the Australian run (like Family Meeting, in which a trial is held to determine whether Bandit farted in Blueys' face) didn't make it to Disney+?

13 | Will Resident Aliens Detective Liv ever receive the respect she deserves? Is there any possibility that Jessups Detective Lena Torres might be a potential future love interest for Sheriff Mike?

Fans of Big Brother: Do you miss the days when houseguests delivered savage sound bites off the cuff, as opposed to the depravity the Diary Room forbids them to say nowadays? Also, surely Taylor will sign a formal Lays endorsement deal before the season premieres?

15 | If So You Think You Can Dance Live to See Season 18, what would be the No. 1 format change on your wish list? (Ours: Let America vote again, please!) And can they bring back accredited dance experts? And extended choreo rounds where we really get to know the dancers before they reach the Top 20?

16 | What inspired the NBC Password revival of The Password is Voiceover? Do you think Jimmy Fallon accidentally blurted that one password on purpose on Night 2, or did you realize where Heidi Klum was going with her urination clue?

17 | Did Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin swoon off the rails by revealing that it is set in the same universe as Riverdale, or do you like the objectively insane twist?

Did anyone else get irrationally angry during the Field of Dreams games when off-white pinstriped batting helmets clashed with white pinstriped uniforms?

19 | Was the best part of The Late Shows Severance spoofing the brief mash-up with The Office, or Colberts dance party to smash mouths all star?

Are you surprised that Danny stayed alive throughout the season and didnt give his life for resurrecting the character? Was there a second doctor on Polaris to help deliver Kellys baby? Was the opening sequence in the finale a very Lost/Desmond mood?

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