Why Did Audrey's Basement Have Silver Bullets To Hunt Vampires?

Why Did Audrey's Basement Have Silver Bullets To Hunt Vampires? ...

We cannot help but obsess about Audrey and her dark cellar, which has many mysteries today.

While Audrey's basement appeared to be an Egyptian underground altar, there were still things that made no sense.

What war did Audrey keep talking about?

Audrey considered herself a god above humans, and another thing she kept talking about was an upcoming conflict.

We assumed it was a vampire apocalypse, because that's how things work when vampires take over or anything else of the sort.

Nevertheless, it appears like something has gone wrong.

Why did Audreys basement have silver bullets?

Big John and Bud were in a hurry to get to the heart of the story, but they encountered firearms and ammunition stored along the way.

Now, the question that pops into our heads is, why would Vampires possess weapons and ammunition that could eradicate vampires?

Yes, you correctly guessed it, as Bud did. Things are far worse than we could imagine, and perhaps we haven't fully grasped the whole picture yet.

Is Audrey El Hefe?

When Bud saw the arms and ammunitions Audrey had stored up, he was shocked, but Big John believes he is big time. Audrey does not hold a candle to him.

While many things are still unclear, one thing that strikes us is the question of who Big John is and who he really claims to be.

One thing is certain: he may be a vampire. It is ironic, but it might also be true, so please provide further clarification.