Is Bud still in Day Shift in The Vampire Hunters Union?

Is Bud still in Day Shift in The Vampire Hunters Union? ...

Bud wanted to join the Vampire Hunters union. At first, we understand the reason, but is he still in the union, or did Seeger kick him out at the end of Day Shift?

The film had a good conclusion, but it did not answer many questions. Bud and Big John discussed a lot of things in the middle of the film, and the conclusion where Big John was saved from a bomb blast also makes no sense.

To avoid spoilers, we recommend you keep away from the internet for a while.

Will there be a sequel to Day Shift?

Given that we still have many unanswered questions hanging for the majority of the film, there is a good possibility of this happening.

Snoop Dogg might be cool as El Hefe, but we are still unsure where this will take us.

While we want to see Bud work out his personal issues and mend his relationships, and so desperately want to see how our noble vampires turn out without drinking blood, it is up to Netflix to determine how things go down. However, it might depend on how well the first part goes.

Is Bud still in the vampire hunters union?

The last one, a stunning violation of all, was seen by Seeger, who tried everything he could to remove Bud from the union. Yet, Seth, our newly integrated vampire slash vampire hunter, talked back to him about the violation being appropriate with his law book.

Not that Bud needs to get the job in the union right now, but there is a possibility that he is still not out of the union.