Is Big John El Hefe in Day Shift? Is Big John A Vampire?

Is Big John El Hefe in Day Shift? Is Big John A Vampire? ...

El Hefe was used a lot in the Day Shift. While the real person isn't who they're talking about, we're guessing it might be Big John.

Who is Big John in Day Shift?

If you haven't seen Day Shift yet, we strongly recommend you avoid reading the below theories, as it certainly contains spoilers.

According to Bud, El Hefe is a person who has been around for a few hundred years, and he is obviously on the top of a drug cartel as well.

According to what we know, no one has ever seen him. He is supposedly a powerful vampire who is lying low. Now, Big John is a badass vampire hunter.

Big John, played by Snoop Dogg, is not only a well-known character in the vampire hunters' union, but also a well-known character among the vampires.

Then the question arises: What happened?

Is Big John a vampire?

Big John was clearly injured in the neck while sending Bud off to save his family. However, just a few moments later, we see him fastened to a massive bomb that exterminates all the vampires in the area.

After the explosion, Bud hands over his Big Johns hat to our Seth.

What caught us by surprise was that Big John survived the bomb. How is it that this is possible in a humane manner?

Is Big John El Hefe?

Given that Big John survived a vampire bite and a bomb explosion where the bomb was strapped on him, we might assume that he is El Hefe.

Despite the fact that things are a little blurry, we do know that he is a gentleman who has outed all of the vampires to become valuable members of the hunting community.