Riot presents a new Chemtech Drake who will return for the Leagues 2023 preseason

Riot presents a new Chemtech Drake who will return for the Leagues 2023 preseason ...

The most notorious dragon in League of Legends is finally making a grand comeback in Summoners Rift.

Matthew Phroxzon Leung-Harrison, Riot Games' lead gameplay designer, revealed that the Chemtech Drake will be reintroduced in the 2023 preseason, and the toxic high-flyer will come with a whole new set of effects.

Once this soul was captured, Chemtech Drake made one of the most significant changes. This effect will no longer provide players with a temporary Zombie state in which they may continue to attack enemies for a short time after dying.

When an affected player is at low health, Chemtech Soul will provide more damage and damage reduction. Phroxzon did not state what kind of effect each Chemtech Drake stack would provide to players who kill the toxic beast.

Phroxzon did say that if the Chemtech Drake dominates the Rift, it would no longer create invisibility zones around the maps jungle areas. As a substitute effect, the dragon influence will cause all plants on the map to mutate and become enhanced. Scryers Bloom will also provide increased movement speed when players approach revealed enemies.

Riot decided to shelf the new dragon after it was too frustrating to play with during the 2022 preseason alongside the Hextech Drake as a way to add unique situations and meaningful strategies to the later stages of a game.

After a year of tweaking, there will be six dragons to keep track of in solo queue and professional play. Casual players and competitive teams will need to tweak their strategies for the new dragon. Riot will need to keep an eye on how it is received.