New in-depth details are revealed in the Final Fantasy XIVs Island Sanctuary Live Letter preview

New in-depth details are revealed in the Final Fantasy XIVs Island Sanctuary Live Letter preview ...

Final Fantasy XIV will get a 6.2 update on August 23, and the FFXIV developers gave fans a closer look at what they can do in their own little paradise.

Fans now have a clearer picture of what they can expect to accomplish on the island, thanks to producer Naoki Yoshi-P Yoshida.

a quick peek at your island (it's big)

In the Live Letter, a lot of information was revealed, including what the base is like, exactly what development looks like at the beginning of the island's development, what capturing mobs looks like, and more.

The greatest impression fans got from the Live Letter was that the island resembled Animal Crossing in its structure and size. There's mob hunting, crop farming, collecting, crafting, and minions roaming around.

Island Sanctuaries in Final Fantasy XIV will have a separate UI and currency.

The UI is where players will find all of the items they need on their islands. Some of them will be locked when the player arrives on the island, but they should all be unlocked by the time the tutorial is finished, according to Yoshi-P.

Players will need to touch the green button at the top left corner of the island to switch to other activities, including gathering, planting, and watering, among others.

There are two currencies for the islands, and each of them will unlock some goodies that may be transferred into the main part of the game. There are two outfits to unlock, some decorative items, and more.

Each area of Final Fantasy XIV Island Sanctuaries must be unlocked.

When players show up on the island, the island will be completely barren. A guide will help players navigate the island and begin development on it. Although the developers did not reveal how players get to the island, they did say they would be brought there by someone, and there will be an NPC to guide you on your way when you arrive on the beach.

Players will be able to do everything they need to do without having to level up all of their crafters at the beginning. Crafting is not tied to the main part of the game.

Every area on the island requires a player to build it, as well as purchasing all necessary materials to construct the tools and structures themselves. At one of the stages of development, players will be able to release their minions and roam around the island.

Tons of activities, but they are not a substitute for player housing.

One of FFXIVs Island Sanctuaries' greatest strengths is that players may queue up for content while they are on the island, or at least have a nice view from the top of their islands rather than wandering around in Limsa Lominsa.

Although some of the island's activities will be time-gated, such as planting crops or building structures, many of the things players may do are not limited by time, such as gathering materials, capturing mobs, or selling handmade goods.

The only problem with Island Sanctuaries is that it is not a substitute for player housing. Those who have failed in the housing lottery are quite dissatisfied with how outdoor furnishings cannot be used on the island. Indoor decorations can be placed in FC housing or in apartments, which are easier to obtain, but outdoor decorations cannot be placed outside of player houses.

Island Sanctuaries was not scheduled to be released until 6.25, according to the developers. They also stated that the Variant and Criterion Dungeons would be released as part of the 6.25 patch. It's unclear if this was a mistake by the developers or if Island Sanctuaries were released sooner than expected.

When patch 6.2 goes live on Aug. 23, followers will be able to enjoy their own island paradise. During the maintenance on Aug. 22, players may meet Yoshi-P and his crew on the FFXIV Twitch channel to discuss the patch notes.