In Tower of Fantasy, how do you unlock the Jetboard?

In Tower of Fantasy, how do you unlock the Jetboard? ...

The JetboardAida's interpretation of a surfboard is part of Tower of Fantasy's Relic Collection. It's a great companion for those who are new to unfamiliar places early on in the game, and you may get it for free.

How to get the Jetboard in Tower of Fantasy

The quest navigator will prompt you to go back to Astra Shelter, where you must say goodbye to Palu. After this segment, he'll tell you to go to the next area, Banges, which you can access via Jetboard.

In Tower of Fantasy, how do I get Jetboard Shards?

Jetboard Shards are required for anyone who wants to upgrade the Jetboard in order to unlock additional effects. Learn more about these in the following sections.

  • Level 1 Crew Storeyou must join a Crew to access this store. It costs x300 Merit for x1 Jetboard Shard.
  • Crystal Dust Store
  • SR Relic Shard Box

How to use Jetboard in Tower of Fantasy

The Jetboard is capable of being used in any body of water with a 90-second cooldown. You may navigate across the water indefinitely using the directional and jump keys.

Always hold your directional keys down, or you'll be caught in the water! Also, don't use the dodge or dash buttons as they will also unmount you from the Jetboard, and you'll need to wait till the cooldown ends to use it again.

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