How to Increase Campus Levels Quickly on Two Point Campus

How to Increase Campus Levels Quickly on Two Point Campus ...

Two Point Campus is a great simulation game for PC and Xbox that allows you to create and run various college campuses, each with its fun twists, from knighthood and wizardry to spy school. You must ensure that your students have the correct materials and resources to succeed in their learning process.

Campus level is the overall score of your campus based on the progress you have made and how well your campus is operating. Sometimes you will be asked to level up your campus to earn stars and progress further in the game. Your campus level may be seen anytime on the lower right side of the toolbar, symbolized by the building icon.

  • Build Rooms
  • Hire Staff
  • Keep good grades
  • Keep happiness high

Build rooms

Making rooms is a great way to level up your campus. Your students and staff will receive more training and equipment, and your campus overall scores will improve. To make rooms, simply tap the hammer icon on the far left side of your toolbar.

Hire staff

Hiring staff is one of the easiest ways to gain campus status quickly. New teachers, assistants, or janitors increase your campus levels dramatically. You want your staff to be well-equipped to teach all of your classes, provide student services such as food stands, libraries, and maintenance around your campus.

Keep good grades

If your students are doing well in their classes, then you will see the Student List symbol indicated by the three silhouettes. It is also essential to train your staff regularly for a better learning experience overall.

Keep happiness high

It's equally important to keep your employees and students happy, as your campus level will continue to improve. Happiness is a function of whether or not all your staff and students are meeting their needs, are content with their financial financial allowance or salary, and are able to enjoy themselves in their surroundings.

If you remember to keep up with the essentials that help your campus run smoothly and your students and staff perform better, you will level up your campus in no time. Build plenty of learning spaces, hire enough personnel to maintain a healthy working environment, and maintain good spirits and grades!

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