Roblox: How to Get the Flytrap Marker Find the Markers

Roblox: How to Get the Flytrap Marker Find the Markers ...

Find the Markers may seem like another scavenger-hunt-style experience, but it actually provides a quite extensive map, with more than a handful of difficult secrets to discover. In addition to the 11 new markers, we'll be covering in this short guide, the Flytrap Marker.

Find the Markers for the Flytrap Marker

To begin your marker-hunting quest, you'll need to exitWashable Kingdom by teleporting through the magic clock shown below. This clock has asecret ladder behind it that will allow you to climb up to the first level, followed by a second secret ladder in the back that leads you to the actual clock face.

Look for the tree pictured below while inside Washable Kingdom, and you should be able to see its flytrap plant from the spawn point.

Once you see it, reach the trunk of the tree and walk into it. If you enter the correct spot, you should automatically climb the tree.

Step on the flytrap plant to be teleported to the flytrap obby at the top of the tree.

You'll need to be able to maneuver successfully through this obby by sprinting, jumping, and climbing your way up to the top. Be careful when jumping on flytrap plantsthey will close and bite you if you stand on them too long!

As you reach the top of the obby, you should see the Flytrap Marker. To add this marker to your Markerdex, simply walk up to it and touch it.

Following completion of the transaction, you should receive the pop-up below.

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