Kailyn Lowry Talks About Suzi Irwin, Her Expat Mother, and Her Estranged Mother

Kailyn Lowry Talks About Suzi Irwin, Her Expat Mother, and Her Estranged Mother ...

Kailyn Lowry, a Teen Mom 2 alum, has been answering Instagram questions from fans, and she decided to open up when someone asked about her mother, Suzi Irwin.

Lowry claimed her mother has been drinking since Lincoln was a baby, meaning she has never met 5-year-old Lux or 2-year-old Creed.

Do you ever miss your mother? One person answered.

This is a tricky topic. She was never a mother to me but strangely, yes, I miss her. I say oddly because Ive always said you cant miss what you never had. But I wish I had a mother, not even for myself. But a grandmother for my children.

Lowry answered this question with a smile. She was never a mother to me, but strangely, yes, I miss her. And I say oddly because I have always said you cant miss what you never had.

I want a mother, she continued. I wish I had a mother not even for me. But a grandmother for my kids.

Fans Rallied Behind Lowry

Lowry was praised by fans on Reddit, especially those who stated that they had also had complicated relationships with their mothers.

Idc, how much you despise Kail, she doesnt deserve this insult; nobody does, said one fan. This just makes me sad.

i cant stand kail, but this is one aspect where i truly believe in her. it's something that won't go away no matter how long you wait. it's something that never goes away, according to one of the most popular responses, which has more than 50 upvotes.

Is this the first time I have connected to her, and I see another great response, with over 100 upvotes. It's a sucks.

Why Did Lowry Cut Her Mom Off?

Kail Lowry and Lindsie Chrisley's post is shared on the coffeeconvospodcast.org.

Lowry stated that she had never spoken publicly about her mother until a specific event. Irwin's death has prompted her to revoke her friendships with Lowry.

Lowry told her followers in May 2021, according to The Sun. I was just bloated and I knew if I had any chance at personal development and being a good mom, I had to remove the dead weight.

Lowry, 30, found it easier to keep her mother at a distance.

I won't want my mom in my life until I feel she's accepted responsibility for how I've seen her behave, according to The Sun's memoir Pride Over Pity.

Ive found keeping her away from me to be rather straightforward.

When Irwin cold called her daughter while filming season 10, one of the last times Teen Mom fans saw Lowry interact with her mother was when she was filming season 10.

Irwin wanted to let Lowry know that her maternal grandmother had died. Im actually shocked you are calling me right now because I actually didnt know if you were dead or alive, Lowry said during the episode, according to Distractify.

Lowry chastises her mother for not having a connection with her three young sons, including 12-year-old Isaac, 8-year-old Lincoln, and 5-year-old Lux, before the baby of Creed.

Lowry said his son is 2 years old and has never met you. You have one child and three grandsons that have not heard from you in years. Years.