In a new roguelike deckbuilder, Slay the Spire meets Darkest Dungeon

In a new roguelike deckbuilder, Slay the Spire meets Darkest Dungeon ...

Slay the Spire has all of the features necessary for a successful game, including the involved planning, but it lacks perhaps the bleakness, the agony, and the sheer mounting terror of an RPG like Darkest Dungeon. If only there would be a demo of this game available now on Steam.

Nadir: A Grimdark Deckbuilder is, in its own words, a dark deck building roguelikefire inspired by Dantes Inferno's brutal 1v1 battles, while gradually building your offensive, defensive, and support deck.

What sets Nadir apart from its competitors is a unique kind of shuffling system: every time you play a card and the opponent responds, the deck of available cards becomes inexplicably altered; reliable attacks may suddenly become useless or unstable, whereas cards that were previously unavailable or too costly to use are now your top options. It prevents situations where your deck becomes too weak for the game to pose any real challenge, and also where you can always rely on the same three or four cards to stay alive.

Nadir is looking like a serious contender when it comes to new and exciting deckbuilders, combined with the games art and visual style, which, like the narrative, take heavy cues from Darkest Dungeon (descend into a nightmare; confront metaphorical horrors; struggle to survive).

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