Sydney Sweeney discusses Cassie in Euphoria season 3

Sydney Sweeney discusses Cassie in Euphoria season 3 ...

The more we hear from Sydney Sweeney, the happier we are that she is still interested in playing Cassie on Euphoria. We were also reminded how far we are from the new season premiering.

The Emmy nominee (who also has a nod fromThe White Lotus) addressed Deadline during her visit to Boston, where she was filming her role inMadame Web, which is a reminder that the Sam Levinson series isn't currently shooting, and may not be shooting again for several months. But who knows? It might be the only major get-together between the three.

It's okay that it takes time to make a story like this, one that is so visually and thematically complex. Cassie is, obviously, a lot of fun, and she's certainly had her fair share of iconic moments. Perhaps season 3 of Euphoriais will be the last one to air.

Sydney is unlikely to feature in Season 2 of The White Lotus, unless she is super-trained at keeping a secret; however, she is very interested in a season 3 if that happens.