Everything You Need To Know About Tiny Tina's Strange New Wonderlands Class

Everything You Need To Know About Tiny Tina's Strange New Wonderlands Class ...

Tiny Tinas Wonderlands is Borderlands heaven for those who like the grind. For those who don't, its a solid shooter that lacks the punchy hooks of a true-to-form live-service game. I expect this dynamic to remain the same in the following the game's latest expansion, which adds the game's first new class since its launch: the Blightcaller.

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Tiny Tinas Wonderlands is a fantasy spin-off of Gearbox's Borderlands loot-shooter series. (The game itself is a follow-up to Borderlands 2's fantastic Assault on Dragon Keep.) For Wonderlands, Gearbox instead decided to release four smaller packs called Mirrors of Mystery, each one a little bit of combat chambers heavy on story but also on looting and shooting.

However, the price tag remained more or less the same.

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The fourth such expansion, Shattered Spectreglass, was released yesterday, and is available as a piecemeal or as part of the games season pass. The most interesting aspect is the expansion of the Blightcaller class, which increases the total number of available classes in Wonderlands to seven (and the total number of dual classes to a figure Ill, uh, need one of you who knows math).

Blightcaller is an unusual class. While Stabbomancer is your assassin-type, Brr-Serker is your melee-focused class, and fits nicely to classes from previous Borderlands games, the Blightcaller has no easy corollary. Mostly, it concentrates on defense rather than offense.

For example, there are a couple of abilities that increase your damage proportional to how much ward (Wonderlands shield) you have. Wraithmail restores part of your ward for every enemy you kill; it works as with Flawless Edge; every point you invest in the skill increases your damage output by 6 percent.

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The action skill Bog Totem summons a tiny tree companion who blasts tiny evil skulls that engulf your path and kills your enemies. Combine that with the Geist in the Shell skill, which triggers a similar barrage of poison bullets every time you land a critical hit, and youre dealing damage of up to three elemental types at the same time.

Last night, I enlisted the help of Kotakus Zack Zwiezen for a new Wonderlands playthrough. We messed around with a new Blightcaller character until the end of the Thy Bard, With A Vengeance story mission, which allows you to choose a subclass (Since Zack didnt have access to the expansion, he was unable to select Blightcaller as either a primary or secondary class).

The Clawbringer and the Spore Warden have no obvious match, thus the super-powerful Wildfire dual class. I eventually settled on the Spore Warden for my Blightcaller, too, since it has a little mushroom monster as a companion. The Blightcallers Active Decay skill increases poison damage, making the little mushroom monster more powerful.

Basically, if I continue to play.

The Blightcaller is a blast, after all. However, it does not change the game much at all. Perhaps its because Ive now sat through the intro five times (I lost one character for reasons of I Have No Clue What Happened), but re-rolling really clarified for me the difference between recent Borderlands games and the original ones: Wonderlands and the kind of Borderlands 3 before it exist in the same mute between a campaign-focused game and a live-service game

The endgame Chaos Chamber mode, with its roguelike elements and seemingly endless legendary loot drops, became a grind for a slugfest, all in the endless effort of making bigger numbers so you can make even bigger numbers. Maybe, if youre really, really lucky like win-the-lottery-multiple-times-lucky, youll discover a one in 85 billion piece of gear.

The grind, at least for me, has become stale. Games are allowed to end. You are completely free to enjoy a game, to have a really great time, and then move on to the next one. If youre starting Wonderlands for the first time, sure, yes, Id recommend opting for a Blightcaller build. However, if youve been waiting for Borderlands 4, you should wait for it.