If you like 'Succession,' you'll like Kieran Culkin's 'Igby Goes Down' performance

If you like 'Succession,' you'll like Kieran Culkin's 'Igby Goes Down' performance ...

Roman Roy, the youngest child of HBOs Emmy-winning drama Succession, has become one of HBO's standout characters. His flamboyant performances as Logan Roy (Brian Cox) go viral every week with his meme-worthy expressions and funny quips. However, Roman is also taken to task for his ignorance and privilege; whether it's accidentally blowing up a missile or accidentally sending an intimate photo during a board meeting, he's always embarrassed.

Roman is considered to be the focus of Culkins' career, but it isnt the first time that the former child star explored the dangers of wealth. In one of his first roles, Culkin gave a sensitive, mature performance in the 2002 film Igby Goes Down. The notion of affluence being a hindrance isnt an easy concept to convey, but Culkins earnest portrayal finds the universal quality of being on your own.

Jason Slocumb Jr. (Culkin), who is nicknamed Igby by his family, does his best to irritate his domineering mother, Mimi (Susan Sarandan). Like Roman, Igby refuses to refer to his young Republican brother Ollie (Ryan Phillipe) as a fascist.

Roman's delight in Succession is because the series slowly unravels the childhood trauma that he's suffered. He's not a villain, but a scared child. Igby's behavior is similar; both characters want to be free of their mothers control once he's 18. Culkins' casual manner of implying his complexity makes both attractive.

Igby attends a private function organized by his mother, D. H. Banes (Jeff Goldblum), as an excuse to correct his brothers flaws and engage in some underage drinking, but Igby's sly remarks catch the attention of the artist Sookie Sapperstein (Claire Danes). Sookie is enthused by Igby, and he avoids Igby for the mistake of falling in love with her.

Both Roman and Igby's attempts to escape the strict environment that they were raised in go horribly wrong. Igby goes to New York City's bohemian art scene to stay in a guest house owned by D. H. It's here that Igby discovers all of the culture he has not discovered. Unfortunately, it's a world that he doesn't really belong to.

Igby loves irritating D. H. at every turn, but he soon pays the price for becoming an adversary. After finding out that he has been schmoozing his girlfriend, Rachel, (Amanda Peet), he is shocked when he learns that Sookie is actually in love with his brother. It's one of his finest acting moments.

In just one of his arguments with his younger brother, Kendall, Roman mentions a childhood mistreatment, while Igby later blamed his childhood stuffed bear, Digby. He lives in fear that he will become his alcoholic father (Bill Pullman).

Roman and Igby haven't had a smooth journey to maturity. However, Igby admits that he's capable of letting himself be the butt of a joke rather than resenting everyone else. He even manages to reach an agreement with Ollie as Travis' cover of The Weight blares in the background. He's prepared to have a new adventure.

Igby Goes Down is a hidden gem that Roman fans will certainly enjoy. He has even stated in interviews that the film he was working on gave him the experience he needed as a young actor.