Season 1 to Season 4, here's a complete 'Westworld' timeline and recap

Season 1 to Season 4, here's a complete 'Westworld' timeline and recap ...

The following article includes spoilers for Westworld from Season 4 Episode 7. It's also helpful to keep an eye on the entire Westworld timeline from start to finish, including all of the shows happening till date. This is the day that Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) begins moving against Rehoboam in Season 3, which takes place three months after the collapse of Westworld as we now know. If that's easier to track, we'll start at the beginning.

Before Westworld Opened

Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) and Arnold Weber (Jeffrey Wright) start coding hosts. They first construct Dolores Abernathy and send the subsequent hosts to a private consultation for Logan Delos (Ben Barnes) before settling on a park where Arnold's son, Charlie, dies from illness. Arnold tests Dolores consciousness by granting her access to her memories using a code called the Reveries, and she returns to the church in Escalante

Dolores spends three years wandering the Maze, seeing the hosts' inner voice, and tries to convince Ford to open Westworld without success. Arnold and Ford originally intended to create a Wyatt host as an antagonist for the park narratives, but Wyatt merges him with Dolores to give Teddy the edge she needs to kill the other hosts. Next, Dolores murders Arnold, who hopes Westworld would never open.

The host Akecheta (Zahn McClarnon) discovers Arnolds body and Charlies wooden toy maze. Akecheta becomes obsessed with the symbol and begins teaching it to other members of his tribe. When the park opens, Akecheta is retasked with a warrior storyline and separated from Kohana (Julia Jones), the woman he loves.

A young Engerraund Serac (Vincent Cassel) and his brother, Jean Mi, survive a nuclear bombing in Paris.

Welcome to Westworld

After promoting Logan to Executive Vice President of the Delos Corporation, William (Jimmi Simpson) joins Westworld. Despite Logans obsession for violence, William abandons him to assist Dolores find the church in Escalante. With the help of outlaw host, El Lazo, the two travel to Escalante to discover nothing but sand.

Logan follows the Confederado hosts and brutally attacks William, then escapes. That night, William gives in to his dark side, slaughters all the Confederado hosts, and drags Logan all over the park in search of Dolores. At the edge of the park, William discovers Dolores back on his loop, and he believes she is a thing.

Akecheta meets Logan, and through his snarls about being in the wrong world and finding a door, Logan unexpectedly alerts Akecheta to the possibility of a different world beyond the park. The next time Akecheta sees Kohana, he remembers her from his previous life.

Delos Secret Project

William takes over Logans role at Delos. He convinces him that the park has the potential to study the park guests' minds and create immortality. Delos buys the park, saving Ford from financial ruin in the wake of Arnold's death, and William begins construction the Forge in Sector 16.

Akecheta goes to the edge of the park and sees the Forge construction site, believing it to be a portal to the other world. She is kidnapped by park employees, then reclaimed, and is replaced with another host. Fearing that he will forget Kohana upon death, Akecheta stays alive as long as possible, wandering the park searching for Kohana, and as a result, he begins tracing the Maze as Dolores. One day, he

Jim quits Delos and names William his CEO. After his experiences in the park and the loss of his status, Jim seeks help from his father, who rejects him. Jim dies, and shortly afterwards, Logan commits suicide. William continues to create host versions of Jim, although each version changes once it's placed in a host body.

Akecheta and his tribe notice that more people are being replaced by other hosts, and he realizes that the only place he hasnt found Kohana after nine years of survival is on the other side of death. He wakes himself up in the Mesa headquarters, finding the retired Kohana in a basement warehouse. He dedicates his life to educating others about the Maze and guiding as many hosts to consciousness as he can.

Brain scanners are placed inside the costume hats worn by guests as part of the Forge's completion. Millions of guests are copied: their experiences are recorded, their DNA is sampled, and their thoughts are mapped and stored inside the Forge.

Delos Destinations

Westworld is expanded by Delos into five other parks: Shogunworld, Warworld, Fantasyworld, Park 5 for Defense Contracts, and the Raj.

Serac and Jean Mi meet with Liam Dempsey Sr. in 2037 to design an artificial intelligence system that can predict human behavior and avoid disasters like the nuclear catastrophe of Paris and the ongoing conflict. In 2039, Serac kills Dempsey and seizes control of Incite and the AI system. Jean Mi and other outliers who pose a threat to Serac's ideal future are placed in reconditioning camps.

Ford realizes that he made the decision to open the park and begins making plans to release the hosts. He creates a host replica of Arnold called Bernard Lowe and tasks Dolores with recreating Arnold's consciousness in the Cradle, the server where all host data is stored. Bernard rolls the hosts back, provoking them to resentment over years of human cruelty. Ashley Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth) is also hired as the park's guardian.

Caleb Nichols (Aaron Paul) joins the army in 2042 and prepares to train with his squad in Park 5 in 2043. When his squadmates suggest raping the hosts they were supposed to protect during the training simulation, Caleb stops them. Dolores is one of the hosts present and witnesses Caleb's refrain from harming the hosts.


Caleb and Francis spend the next few years of his life battling to maintain a stable relationship after being identified as outliers in 2048. Through the RICO app, Caleb and Francis take concealed jobs hunting other outliers, unknowingly killing each other.

Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) joins the Delos board of directors and serves as a smuggler for Serac. She agrees to deliver all of William's secret guest information that she sold to him 20 years ago. Along with Hale, They also try to secure the Forge's encryption key for guest data.

Akecheta grows by more followers as he awakens his hosts within the Ghost Nation. As part of their awakening ritual, his followers tattoo the Maze symbol on the underside of their scalps. He returns many times to Maeve's daughter and attempts to show her the Maze, but Maeve Millay (Thandiwe Newton) is scared by Akecheta.

Entering the Maze

William, who is now much older, spends a year in the Westworld park to vent his dark side. Juliet is the only one who notices the darkness in him, and their marriage suffers. When Ford gives William his park profile, Juliet realizes all the terrible things William does in the park, including multiple nights spent raping Dolores. Juliet leaves Williams' profile for Emily to find and then kills herself.

William goes to Westworld intent on doing something truly evil to see if he is remorseless. He discovers Maeve and her daughter and murders them both, but before Maeve dies William observes her fight to save her daughter before collapsing in Akechetas' drawing of the Maze.

Maeve falls into a trap, and Bernard deletes her memories of her daughter in an effort to correct her. Instead, she kills herself, with Ford pointing out that her daughter is Maeve's cornerstone. Maeve is retasked from a homesteader to the Madam of the Mariposa Saloon, but Ford secretly writes a new Escape narrative for Maeve and reprograms her permissions and attributes.

William visits Jim's host for the last time and decides the whole project is a failure. He believes that people aren't meant to live forever.

Ford confronts Akecheta about the Maze symbol and tells him to gather his people and go to the Forge after he passes and a door to another world will open. He sends a host printer to Arnolds old house, and finally he updates the Westworld hosts with the Reveries code.

The Reveries

The Reveries updates cause minor disturbances in host behavior throughout the park, prompting Theresa to recall the afflicted hosts and tasked Bernard and Elsie (Shannon Woodward) with diagnosing the issue. Elsie discovers that Theresa is smuggling data out of the park on orders from Hales.

The Reveries continue to awaken hosts. Peter Abernathy discovers Juliet's last words and sends her on a trip to the Maze. She repeats them, These violent delights have violent ends, to Maeve, and her increasing self-awareness leads to a decline in her performance. She begins visiting her daughter's backrooms while being rebuilt.

Ford replaces Teddy with childhood memories of Wyatt, and adds fresh plotlines to the park about the new villain and his cult of followers. Lee Sizemore (Simon Quarterman) has vetoed the new narrative Journey into Night, taking significant park resources and shoving numerous hosts off their loops. Escalante is discovered by Ford, and Theresa is warned to keep away from him.

William enters the park determined to find the center of the Maze. He discovers a tattoo of the Maze beneath the scalp of a host named Kissy (Eddie Rouse), leading him to Lawrence, previously known as El Lazo. He murders Lawrences fellow villagers and his wife until Lawrences daughter gives him the next clue, which leads him to Armistice (Ingrid Bols Berdal). She gives William the name Wyatt in exchange for helping her break out Hector Escaton.

Peter Abernathy continues to malfunction until he retires.

Journey into Night

Elsie continues to investigate unauthorized activity in the park while Hale accelerates his attempts to exorcise Ford, and Ford responds by forcing Bernard to capture Elsie and murder Theresa. Bernard first confines Elsie in a cave outside a secret Delos outpost for processing guest data, then goes inside to murder the staff and create a copy of Fords consciousness to upload to the Cradle. After Theresa's death, Hale tasks Lee with smuggling the woodcutters encryption key

Bernard confronts Ford to force him to give access to his own memories, but Ford orders Bernard to shoot himself, and Felix and Maeve bring him back online.

Maeve manipulates events to ensure Hector and Armistice are still alive when she escapes the Mesa. She has Sylvester and Felix construct a new body for her, without the fail-safe explosive that prevents her from departing, and without limitations on harming humans. Hector and Armistice shoot their way out of the park, killing several park employees at the last second.

Teddy is left for dead by the Wyatts cult. He rescues him by draining Lawrence of his blood and transfusing it into Teddy. After a meeting with Ford, he has Teddy lead him to Pariah, where Teddy has flashbacks to Escalante and remembers Williams assaulting Dolores. He betrays William and leaves him for dead.

Dolores arrives at the end of the Maze, and Ford and Bernard meet with her. Ford gives Dolores the pistol she used to kill Arnold, but she realizes that the person she is talking to is herself, and she acquires consciousness. During the gala to announce the launch of the new narrative, Dolores kills Ford and begins shooting at the crowd.

Fords copy consciousness shut down the park systems and release retired hosts onto the gala under Dolores command.

The Host Uprising

Dolores rambles across the park with her army, killing anyone who saw her. She now has access to all of her memories and realizes that Westworld is to study humans and make them into hosts. She vows to use their own ideas against her and the other hosts and take the human world for her.

Emily (Katja Herbers) travels to The Raj during the revolt and escapes into the Westworld.

Bernard and Charlotte try to track down Peter Abernathy after learning that Delos will not send rescue missions until the encryption key has been secured. Abernathy became caught up in the chaos and never made it to Delos. They use a mesh network that allows hosts to wirelessly exchange information in order to track him. When Bernard and Abernathy are captured, Hale escapes and regroups with Delos.

Dolores pledges to the Confederados and reconnects with Bernard and her father, noticing that what Delos has placed in his head is making him sick, and Hale reclaims Peter during the conflict to return him to the Mesa. Teddy is troubled by Dolores' callous nature and saves Craddock, the commanding Confederado, who is reprogrammed to be more aggressive and merciless.

Clementine introduces Bernard to Elsie, and the pair discover Jim Delos' Host in the caves' secret facility.

William survives the Gala Massacre and discovers Ford prepared a game just for him. He meets Lawrence and saves his family from Craddock in order to gain his trust. He meets Emily in the park, but he doesnt believe she is Emily, and he abandons her.

Maeve meets Lee and orders him to help her find her daughter. Hector, Armistice, Felix, and Sylvester then depart for the prairies with a stop in Shogunworld. There, Maeve discovers she can control other hosts without verbal commands by tapping into the mesh network. Akecheta escapes, not understanding that he is attempting to help them reach the Forge, or the Valley Beyond. Lawrence shoots William, but Maeve rescues her daughter from Delos security.

Assault on the Mesa

Dolores, Teddy, Angela, and Clementine take the train from Sweetwater to attack the Mesa in order to recapture Peter Abernathy from Hale.

While Delos tries to get the encryption key out of Abernathy's head, Ford sneaks into The Cradle in order to discover what's blocking the system, and when Bernard plugs into the virtual world, he finds Fords copy. Delos security teams are killed against his will by Bernard.

Angela sacrifices herself to blow up the Cradle, destroying all backup files of the hosts. Dolores escapes the Mesa with Peters' control unit containing the encryption key.

Lee meets Maeve at the Mesa and attempts to save her. Hale learns of Maeve's ability to manipulate hosts and uses her to end the host uprising without the park systems. She creates a bug out of Maeve's code and implants it in Clementine, causing any host within a radius of her to murder other hosts in a wildfire. Bernard visits Maeve to allow him to have a final conversation with her and to help her get free.

William is rescued by Akecheta and brought back to the Ghost Nation camp. Emily quickly catches up and takes him with her. While waiting for him, Emily confesses to William that she read his profile and that she intends to expose his secret project as retaliation for her mother's death. When Rescue arrives, William suspects the Delos security team and shoots Emily, believing she is one of Fords hosts.

To the Valley Beyond

Akecheta leads his group to the Valley Beyond.

Dolores and Teddy cross over to Ghost Nation territory and kills many of them when they try to stop her from reaching the Forge. Dolores denounces the Valley Beyond as another phony promise, and that there is only one world that matters: the human world. Even with his new programming, Teddy can't reconcile the monster Dolores has become, and instead of continuing to protect her, he shoots himself.

Lee, Hector, Hanaryo (Tao Okamoto), Felix, and Sylvester assist Maeve in escaping the Mesa and returning to the Valley Beyond to reunite with her daughter. They are pursued by Delos security and Lee stays behind, sacrificed his life for them to continue on.

Bernard removes Ford from his system and abandons Elsie to go to the Valley Beyond on his own. He meets with Dolores and William at the entrance to the Forge, but when William tries to kill them, his pistol backfires from Dolores' sabotage, leaving him wounded in the desert.

Hale sends Clementine and a troop of Delos security to the Valley Beyond to murder all of the hosts. As they approach the caravan of hosts making their way to the Valley, the hosts begin mutilating each other once they have passed Clementine.

The Forge

Dolores uses an Abernathys control unit to access the system and read guest data collected in the Forge in order to gain an advantage over the humans. The Forge system claims that humans can never really change, and hosts may be able to bypass their physical host bodies and enter the virtual paradise.

Bernard, determined to save the hosts in the Sublime and prevent Dolores from killing every human alive, shoots her and cancels the data purge. He cannot, however, cancel the flooding.

Clementines bug kills all of the hosts who don't make it into the Sublime, including Hector, Armistice, and Hanaryo. Maeve stays behind to protect her daughter from the horde from taking her daughter, and she watches as Akecheta enters the Sublime with her new mother.

After being confronted about the Delos secret project, Bernard returns to the Mesa and discovers Hale murders Elsie. He looks inward to find Ford again, putting a Dolores control unit inside it, forming Halores: Dolores in the host body of Charlotte Hale.

Bernard realizes that it wasn't Ford who pushed him to the center of the Maze, but his own inner voice that finally arrived. Bernard scrambles his memories to keep Delos from discovering his plan and leaves himself to be discovered on the beach.

Escaping Westworld

Strand (Gustaf Skarsgard) and his asset recovery team arrive at Westworld and discover Bernard. Strand interrogates Bernard, but he is unable to recall the correct sequence of events. They return to the Forge where they discover Dolores' dead body.

Strand and his men begin transmitting the Forge data, including the guest data and the Sublime, to one of Delos satellites. Bernard is killed as Strand and his men die, and Halores kills Strand and his men, and then Bernard. She changes her mind about the Sublime and decides to send it somewhere no one will ever find it, but first she uploads Teddy's consciousness.

Stubbs authorizes Halores to leave Westworld, and she brought four copies of her own to Delos security. William is discovered as is Emily's murdered body.

Halores recreates her old body using Arnold's printer. She then gives Halores one of her copies of her control units. She then rebuilds Bernard and explains that her species will need both if they are to survive.

Serac manages to smuggle Maeves pearl out of the park, along with a number of other host pearls.

The New World

Rehoboam's predictive system has stopped functioning on February 23, 2058 due to an inexplicable variable.

Halores takes control of the Delos board three months after leaving Westworld and tries to take Delos private. Under the threat of Serac buying more and more shares, Halores has William institutionalized in one of Serac's reconditioning camps in order to absorb his vote.

Dolores Prime uses what she learned from the Forge system to her advantage. She tries to get closer to key Incite employees, including by deceiving the son of Incites co-founder, Liam Dempsey Jr. (John Gallagher Jr.). She also fabricates a conversation with Caleb, who she remembers from Park 5.

Serac turns to Maeve after discovering that Dolores is closing in, and that Rehoboam is no longer working correctly due to Dolores being a major factor in its projection model. Maeve is initially reluctant, but Serac promises a reunion with her daughter in the Sublime if they can get the encryption key back from Dolores.

Bernard has been convicted for the Westworld massacre and is now living in hiding. When he is recognized, he decides to fight Dolores and travels to Westworld to find Maeve. He discovers Stubbs, who he thinks is a host. Bernard programes Stubbs to be his bodyguard while he attempts to deter Dolores.

Serac orders a strike on Liam, but she locks Liam's private key to the Rehoboam system. Dolores copies herself into a host version of Liam's security chief and uses Liams' key to divulge everyone's information to the general public, causing turmoil and rioting.

Freeing Humanity

William is stranded in a virtual therapy session where he confronts other versions of himself and his natural urge for violence. He is soon rescued by Bernard and Stubbs, but soon turns on them. Theyre later rescued by Lawrence, who is another Dolores copy, who is given a headset to access the Sublime.

Serac kills a Delos board member and prevents the privatization vote, and takes control of Delos. He orders the destruction of all hosts and host data. Halores follows orders and escapes Delos with the host data. Hector destroys Hector's pearl while Serac builds him, Maeve, Clementine, and Hanaryo new bodies. She returns home to rescue the Hales family, but they are destroyed by Serac's man.

Maeve becomes enraged with Dolores and hunts her down to Mexico, where she and Caleb discover Solomon in one of Serac's reconditioning camps. He and Dolores retrieve the plan into her memory banks, and Maeve fights her. Halores remotely seizes control of Dolores' body, allowing Maeve to capture her and bring her to Serac.

Serac plugs Dolores into Rehoboam and has the computer look for the encryption key, but it isn't there. One by one, her memories are deleted until all that's left is Solomons plan. Caleb receives administrative authority over Rehoboam. In her final moments before deletion, Dolores declares her intention to liberate humanity and asks Maeve to help Caleb save them.

Bernard discovers that Dolores has placed the encryption key in his head, and he uses it to access the Sublime and discover the answers to save the world. In the real world, he powers down while Stubbs watches over him.

Caleb and Maeve work together to shut down the AI's last remaining nodes of information on their final missions. Caleb is near-fatally wounded and Maeve fears that he will never get to live out his life. Seeing that he begins a romance with his nurse Uwade (Nozipho Mclean) during his recovery, Maeve disappears from his life. Caleb married Uwade and has a daughter, Frankie.

William follows Halores down to a Delos office in Dubai and tries to murder her, but he is attacked by a host copy of himself with a copy of Halores' mind. In the background, hundreds of machines create new host bodies. She keeps the real William alive in a cryogenic chamber.

The Golden Age

Humanity is making a comeback and deciding its own destiny, but Halores is enacting her intention to dominate humanity seven years after the fall of Rehoboam.

William, who has a copy of Halores' code, discovers the location of guest data from the Forge as well as the Sublime. He takes control of the Hoover Dam's massive server farm, which includes Clementine, Hanaryo, and Lawrence, and converts or kills them all. Under Host William's direction, Delos Destinations creates a new host country on American soil.

Halores uses the new park to conduct research on the fly swarm, which she uses to infect all of the park's visitors with a virus that makes them vulnerable to subsonic commands, allowing Halores to effectively hack their brains and make them subservient as guests in the parks.

Maeve visits Caleb and his family in a bout of loneliness, alerting Halores to their locations. They discover Halores has replaced 250 influential people with hosts, and Caleb is lured into the Golden Age park by the subsonic emitters. When Caleb attempts to command Caleb to kill Maeve, he instead kills Host William, but Halores' men arrive shortly after and kill Caleb, revealing their differences.

Uwade and Frankie avert being captured by Halores' hosts and flee to safety.

Halores learns from Caleb that adults can be resistant to the parasite, but that children do not possess such abilities. Halores infects children who grow up in symbiosis with the parasite, and in a generation Halores controls them, subscribing them to serve as hosts, the way hosts once were for humans. She constructs a massive subsonic tower off the coast of Manhattan to send out commands controlling humans.

Sometimes, humans stop being manipulated by the subsonic frequencies and are hunted by hosts for recreation. Uwade and Frankie begin identifying and rescuing outliers. They get a young Jay and get him out of the city, narrowly escaping drone hosts. Frankie continues sending messages to Caleb, hoping he is still alive. When she sees him as an adopted brother, she tells Frankie they'll never be family.

Uwade becomes ill and is taken care of by Frankie before she presumably passes away some time later.

Halores' World

Bernard wakes up from the Sublime having met with Akecheta and seen dozens of possible scenarios that all ended with his death. In at least one iteration, Bernard chooses to leave Maeve. Caleb's daughter Frankie is now going by the name C (Aurora Perrineau), and they are attempting to rescue other outliers before hosts can kill them.

Christina begins to realize that the stories she writes are lived out by real people. She begins to have fondness for a ranchers daughter named Dolores Abernathy. Teddy, who has mysteriously returned, attempts to assist Christina in awakening to her true reality. He helps her understand that the stories she writes keep humans in closed loops, but also helps her discover that she may be able to tell whatever story she wants.

Host William investigates a host who killed humans after coming into contact with an alien. She later commits suicide and Halores tasks Host William with discovering why hosts kill themselves after being infected by humans.

Halores performs fidelity tests on a host version of Caleb in an effort to recreate his consciousness. He tries to escape before realizing for himself that in this future, Halores has already won. She continues to interview host copies of Caleb, demanding him to explain why his hosts kill themselves after coming into contact with outliers. She believes he knows the answer from his last words to her before he died.

Caleb follows the warnings left by his predecessors (but rather by Halores' drone hosts) and escapes onto the roof, apologizing for his failure. Caleb confronts Frankie, and she builds Caleb 279, resolving the conflict once more.

Host William tries to exorcise another human outlier, Lindsay, but Stubbs and rebel leader Jay (Daniel Wu) intervene and save her. But during the battle, Jay is killed and secretly replaced with a host copy, and he meets with the real William in his cryo-chamber.

Bernard and Frankie take Maeve's body to the ruins of Temperance in the Golden Age, repairing it. She then sends her thoughts to a new control unit, using the park's old guest scanners disguised in mirrors to speed up the process. Frankie kills Bernard and confesses to Frankie that one of her team members has returned from the city as an imposter.

Caleb's message comes through on the radio. Frankie hears, and Maeve hears, as she wakes up and saves Frankie. The two are determined to find Caleb.


Christina confronts Teddy on the fact that she is, in a way, responsible for the way the world is. She takes Teddy to the Olympiad building and orders all of the people to leave, except herself, before she destroys the building. Caleb-279 is found, not knowing him, but feeling sorry for him.

Bernard takes Maeve to the Hoover Dam, where the Sublime is stored on a massive server farm, but they make it inside, opening the door to the Sublime once more, sparking a virtual gate above the dam. Frankie and Stubbs go to Olympiad to rescue Caleb-279, who is surprised by his daughter's maturity.

Halores announces her intention to decommission the old parks and put all of the inhabitants in "cold storage," a fate that retired guests encountered in the old ones. The real William is confronted once more by Host William, who has determined to remove what they consider the "cockroaches" of civilization.

Bernard confesses to Maeve that there is no future in which the human world can be saved. In every iteration, everybody dies. Maeve chooses to fight for that small hope. Halores supervises the remaining hosts "ascending" to an even newer world that is still hidden in mystery. In the tower's map room, Bernard sees a recording of himself saying, "You can't miss."

Host William interrupts the fight outside and shoots Maeve in the head. He declares his new game "survival of the fittest" and shoots Halores as well. Bernard bleeds out and cycles through his memories in the Sublime, sending all hosts and humans to battle until no one except the "cockroaches" remain.

Stubbs, Frankie, and Caleb try to escape as the city is flooded with deadly chaos. Christina's abilities are unable to overturn the sonic tones, and Teddy tells Christina that no one can see her, revealing that this world isn't real.

The Far Future

William discovers himself in a fidelity interview conducted by his daughter Emily, believing he is entering the Forge during the host revolt. The planet has been destroyed, and someone is trying to reclaim him.

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