Jon Batiste Joins Stephen Colbert on the Late Show as Bandleader

Jon Batiste Joins Stephen Colbert on the Late Show as Bandleader ...

Jon Batiste has been at his side as the band leader for the house band Stay Human since Stephen Colbert took over as host on The Late Show. Now, after seven seasons, Batiste has been announced to be fired and will be replaced by Louis Cato. Cato joined Stay Human when the band was hired for The Late Show this summer.

Batiste is an American musician who has been active in the music scene for over a decade, but has begun to receive widespread recognition for his talents. In 2021, he won an Academy Award for his contribution to Pixars Soul. Then, this year, he won five Grammy Awards from a total of eleven nominations.

Although his departure from the show is unfortunate, many of his followers are eager to see him work on his next album. Colbert said: "It's important to recognize that."

Jon's incredible talent has given us a first row seat in his seven years in charge. We will miss him here, as a matter of fact! But we were all glad for you, Jon, and I cant wait to see you again guest with your next hit record.

When Stephen Colbert's eighth season of The Late Show begins this September, Cato will take over as the show's band leader. He has also been announced that the band will be rebranded from Stay Human and will be called The Late Show Band.

Colbert noted that Louis has done a fantastic job this summer, and he is very modest, so he will not say this. I will. He is a musical genius. He can play virtually every instrument over there. Give him an afternoon, or learn to play Mozart on a shoehorn.

Cato made his own comment on the news, saying, "I'm sorry."

It's been one of the greatest pleasures of my life to collaborate on this program alongside some of the most talented musicians and artists I know. After watching and learning from Jon and Stephen for the past seven years, Im eager to continue the tradition of excellence they have established.

Below, you can see Colbert make the announcement on his program: