Finales of Digimon Survive

Finales of Digimon Survive ...

Digimon Survive has made significant improvements to stand out from its predecessor Digimon games and other monster-taming games, but one of the biggest changes from the classic formula is the use of different narrative paths. Taking a leaf out of NieR Automata, there's more than one way to complete this adventure, but finding them all might not be so easy.

So, weve compiled this guide ahead of time, ready to drop in all of the different Digimon Survive endings as soon as we find them, making it much easier to curate your own adventure from the start. This page will, of course, be absolutely teeming with end-game spoilers, so please look into other guides instead.

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All Digimon Survive endings

Below are links to all five Digimon Survive endings. Please beware if you want to play with as little information as possible.

Returning to the Digimon world after the be true to my friends option is possible, and you have answered morally all questions, so you may return to the Digimon world without your Digimon friends. It's also worth playing a new game plus save to see the other endings.

If you follow the harmony path and select save the world, you may be surprised to learn that the conclusion of this path isnt all that harmonious. In fact, you will have to witness Miu die, but you will also see Kaito morph with Piedmon to form the deadly Boltboutamon. After defeating the Masters spirit inside of Boltboutamon, the portal between the Digimon and the human world opens, leading the two to merge and you to return home with Agumon in tow.

When you reply with stay with Agumon, Saki dies, and Aoi becomes something entirely different when she merges with Labramon into Plutomon. This major shift causes the human and Digimon worlds to fuse, but this time there's much less conflict between the two species, and only Kaito and Agumon can bring the two groups together.

If you choose not to return to the Digimon world in chapter 8, your adventure may be cut short with a bad conclusion. Kaito returns to his parents house to hide from the dangers his friends are still trapped within, only for a strange portal to open in the sky to require an emergency evacuation of Kaito's home.

The only way to get the true end of Digimon Survive is to first beat it through the harmony, moral, or wrath methods, then starting a new game plus save. For the most part, you need to follow the moral route in order to get the true conclusion, but we wont ruin the contents, but it is certainly worth the effort to survive.

With that, you're ready to conquer a new monster-taming title and experience each and every Digimon Survive ending. For more monster-melees in the extravagant landscapes, why not check out our Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak review.