From Arcanine to Zorua, the best dog Pokemon

From Arcanine to Zorua, the best dog Pokemon ...

The world loves Pokemon and the world loves dogs. Both are endlessly adorable, our best companions, and both provoke debate about who is the cutest (the answer is all the cutest). So, here's your guide to the best dog Pokemon.

Lets be clear, this is a list of the finest dog Pokemon, but there is no one winner. So we've just included a few fantastic fidos and the best beasts that you can keep on your team in the future.

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Here's our guide to the best dog Pokemon.

The best dog Pokemon

The corgi Pokemon Yamper, who was introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield, is an adorable little animal that is also an electric type. He evolves into Boltund, who is based on a greyhound, but we just love his original form. Its got that traditional corgi cushion, and it's a great pet to find early on in the Galar area.

Justice for Snubbul. This pink little fairy-type is a terrible Pokemon and that's why I love it. It's supposed to be a bulldog, and like them, we adore them for all of their flaws. It also has a strange voice in the anime that only enchanted me more. Who knows, but Game Freak?

Lycanroc, which is more a wolf than a dog, is based on a werewolf and with its two different forms it has two fantastic different styles and rocks both. While its pre-evolution Rockruff is charming, Lycanroc is one of those rare appearances where the evolution of a Pokemon is somehow even more remarkable than the original.

Fidough has only been available for a few days, but this yeasty-boy has already risen (sorry) in the Pokemon community. Who knows if it will evolve into another confectionary-based cutie, but one thing is for certain: it will definitely be pure bread.

Zorua and its evolution Zoroark, an illusion Pokemon, have the rare ability to modify the appearance of another Pokemon in your party, potentially enticeing your opponent to perform a move that will not be very effective against the mysterious dark-type. These two have an ethereal white and red wispy appearance that adds a slightly terrifying dimension to these already scary creatures.

The return of the dark type was a big deal in Pokemon Gold & Silver, and Game Freak did a fantastic job with the dark theme. Houndour and its evolution Houndoom look like they were taken out of the seven circles of hell, but they are cute. With its extended horns and terrifying appearance, I'm not sure if I would hug one.

Growlithe is a popular Pokemon for a reason, because it was the first generation of Pokemon to execute the design the first time round. It is still a majestic mutt that demonstrates the very best of what Pokemons evolution system has to offer. They even got fantastic new Hisuian forms in Pokemon Legends: Arceus that enhanced the originals.

No arguments, please. These are our top picks for dog Pokemon, but please do not think we have forgotten about other wonderful pups. They are all beautiful in the eyes of Arceus, and we may return one day and add even more mons to the mix. If you want to learn more about the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, please see our guide to the great monsters on the way.