The GoldenEye 007 Documentary 'GoldenEra' Has Been Streamed by Huge Cinedigm

The GoldenEye 007 Documentary 'GoldenEra' Has Been Streamed by Huge Cinedigm ...

As we wait for the possible re-release of GoldenEye 007 that may or may not happen (at this rate, we'll probably believe it when we see that sweet icon on our Switch home screens), you might want to check out Altitude Films' pretty stunning documentary on the creation of the N64 classic.

GoldenEye 007 was a solid feature-length review, and we thoroughly enjoyed it; you can see our entire review here for all the information.

GoldenEra - A Celebratory Examen Of GoldenEye 007's Creation And Impact

According to Collider, the documentary has been acquired by Cinedigm, a streaming giant. The company is home to many platforms, including ScreamBox, The Film Detective, and Cineverse.

Goldenera will be available on digital and on demand on August 23rd. We're not sure exactly which platform it'll be heading for, but our best guess would be Docurama, Cinedigm's dedicated platform for documentary films and TV shows.

Yolanda Macias, the head of Cinedigm's Content Officer, gave the following brief explanation on the importance of a documentary such as GoldenEra:

'GoldenEye' remains a significant influence on modern-day gaming after two decades. This documentary is packed with information about gaming, CONs, the 1990s, or James Bond, and it adds to the enjoyment.

Right now, you may purchase GoldenEra directly from Altitude Films.

Have you seen GoldenEra yet? Do you intend to do so? Do you think we'll ever get that GoldenEye re-release? Let us know!


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