Mark Ruffalo: There Is No Such Thing as Too Much MCU, but Star Wars Is Repetitive

Mark Ruffalo: There Is No Such Thing as Too Much MCU, but Star Wars Is Repetitive ...

Is there too much Marvel? Not in this multiverse.

Mark Ruffalo, an MCU star who will reprise his long-running role as the Hulk in the Disney+ series She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, stood behind the ever-growing Marvel franchise.

Ruffalo told that he does not worry about whether there is an excess of Marvel content. I understand that these things go their way until something else comes along. However, Marvel has done a great job of allowing a director or an actor to recreate each piece to their own style, their own likeness.

Ruffalo cited another franchise IP that he believes has not followed Marvels promise of keeping it fresh.

Ruffalo dished. It may have a little bit of humor. It may have a little bit of different animation. But with Marvel, you can have a completely different experience.

Taika Waititi, a writer-director who directed the Marvel film Thor: Love and Thunder, has also been invited to lead an upcoming Star Wars film. Otherwise, the Star Wars franchise would seem to be a fairly minor story.

Waititi exclusively told IndieWire about joining a Star Wars or Marvel franchise. Not to speak for anyone else, but in this case, I just made sure I wasnt using past stories to construct my relationship with a studio.

If I had done that on Ragnarok, it probably would have been a disaster. I went in prepared to collaborate and willing to learn something. Because it's a studio film, I'm not going to just assume that you'll be screwed over. It's going to ruin the relationship from the start.

Waititi credited Marvel president Kevin Feige for forging ahead with new ideas without stopping.

Waititi said the whole part of the film you love so much is cut out once you get comfortable and you must go in a different direction. That's the best thing about working with Marvel. They always challenge you in that way.