Millie Bobby Brown was told she was too young to make it as a child star before Stranger Things

Millie Bobby Brown was told she was too young to make it as a child star before Stranger Things ...

Millie Bobby Brown was treated like a grown-up even at the age of ten.

The child actress revealed that an influential casting director told her that she would never make it in Hollywood because she was too mature, causing her to cry.

Brown admitted to Allure that I was always aware that I was mature. [Hearing that] was really hard because I believed [maturity] was a good thing. And then being told that it wasnt, that I wouldnt make it in this industry, it was so harrowing.

Browns parents convinced her to submit a self-taught audition to the Duffer Brothers for Stranger Things as a one-time shot at stardom. 'My parents told me, just do this one last audition on tape, and then you can go outside and play with your friends again,' Brown remembered.

Three months later, she accepted the role of Eleven, bringing home the horrors of being a young girl with uncontrollable psychokinetic and telepathic powers in the Netflix series.

Brown reflected on the fact that she was drawn to acting as a child because she always struggled with self-identity and knowing who I was, and preferred being different individuals in character.

Brown explained that even as a young person, I always felt like I didnt quite belong in every room I was in. I also struggle with loneliness a bit. I always felt very isolated in a crowded room, like nobody ever really understood me, so I liked [playing] characters that people could relate to.

Brown said of acting: At first, I was like, Gosh, I could really do things with this. I could completely change the world with this. There was something about acting that made me feel powerful, impactful, and like I could inspire others.

Brown previously spoke out about her indiscretions about her 18th birthday and the dangers of growing up in the public eye, including her being judged for her appearance and outfit choices.

Brown has told Allure that it's difficult to be hated on when you don't know who you are yet. So its like, What do they hate about me? Cause I don't know who I am. [And then they say, Oh, no, I hate that. Okay, forget that. Im going to try being this today.' Oh, my God!

Brown summed up: I began to grow more, and my family and friends really helped me. It helped me to be able to understand that I don't have to be everything they want to be. I just have to develop within myself. That's what I've done.