Denise Richards Talks About Charlie Sheen's Divorce Being 'Way Worse' Than What People Thought

Denise Richards Talks About Charlie Sheen's Divorce Being 'Way Worse' Than What People Thought ...

Denise Richards has been as busy as ever with her TV career in recent years, from her role on The Bold and the Beautiful to her involvement in the forthcoming Financial TV drama Paper Empire, to no less than two Lifetime Original films involving cheerleaders in violent situations. (To say nothing of her short-but-drama-filled Real Housewives run.) However, the actress acquiesced to fame earlier this year when she joined the social site OnlyFans after her and Charlie Sheens daughter

Denise Richards was asked if she was comfortable discussing what unraveled her marriage to Charlie Sheen on the podcast Divorced Not Dead, hosted by Caroline Stanbury. The actress replied: "It's not dead."

Ugh. So many things. I dont regret my marriage to Charlie at all, because I believe that he and I were meant to have daughters. I was unaware how public that would be, and how it would affect my professional life personally. I think I was also dealing with my mother who died very tragically. And I had these two children.

Denise Richards stated that despite all of the hardships and suffering and other foul emotions that came with her separation from Charlie Sheen, the fact that they had wonderful and loving children together is enough to justify the worse times. (Which was later followed by her filing a restraining order against Sheen, with his alleged death threats against her as the motivation).

Denise Richards would have already been dealing with pregnancy hormones and a sick mother in a bad light without divorce issues, or even with fairly traditional divorce issues. It was not until years before his controversial departure from Two and a Half Men and all the abusive comments that followed, that she talked about her instinct at the time to retreat inward.

I just had to let myself go in a bubble. Because I think many women and men struggle with this, and I could have gone one way or the other as far as going into a dark space. This is a lesson to me to learn to be my true authentic self. I was watching Two and a Half Men, and it was a nightmare, and the behind-the-scenes footage was fantastic.

As ridiculous and over-the-top tabloid stories may be, there's often a germ of truth to the claims, but those stories apparently didn't hold a candle to what was actually happening between Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen. Certainly, the actress did not go into painful recollections in that moment, considering she've probably spent years separating these complicated emotions and memories.

Denise Richards resisted her instincts, choosing instead to focus on her children and others. She continued, remarking on how fans may sympathize with the difficult time in her life even if others' problems do not fully match her rumor-sparking divorce.

At the end of the day, I had to protect whos really there, my family and my kids. And then there was a time when I had his children from a previous marriage that he had kids with a lady who has had difficulties with certain things. But some people can relate to going through a divorce with someone and being in the public eye, as well.

Denise Richards has certainly come a long way since her divorce with Charlie Sheen was finalized back in 2006. Even if she still has some underlying feelings about it all, she previously stated that her separation was what sparked her to join the Real Housewives franchise. Richards and her daughters seem to be doing well as ever now.

Denise Richards is working on a few projects, including a family comedy Junkyard Dogs, which premiered on August 5th, and will also appear this year and next in the dark thriller Wickensburg, the housekeeper-centric thriller Among the Ashes, and the military faith sequel Angels Fallen 2: Warriors of Peace.