LCK and LEC's average viewership is more than double that of LCS

LCK and LEC's average viewership is more than double that of LCS ...

The final days of the 2022 Summer Split for most pro League of Legends competition in the world have arrived after seven weeks of blood, sweat, and tears.

According to EsportsCharts, teams have fought all season for a chance to win regional championships, and fans have poured in every time to watch hard-fought matches. Across the summer, the LCK and LEC have topped the charts with the highest average concurrent viewership numbers in the world, bringing in more than double the viewers on average than the LCS.

The LCK has been one of the most competitive leagues, with some of the finest rosters in the world playing within its legendary halls. Teams like T1, Gen.G., and DWG KIA have wowed fans throughout the year, while others like Liiv SANDBOX and KT Rolster have added even more excitement throughout the year.

With 172,000 average viewers, Europe's top league is right behind the LCK, with the league's renaming, from the beautiful broadcast, the team behind each show, and the fiery competition displayed on screen. The league currently has four teams tied for second and three tied for sixth, causing a mad scramble for proper seeding before the playoffs.

With 85,000 concurrent viewers, the CBLOL has gained momentum in terms of viewership this summer, surpassing other leagues like the LCS, LFL, and LVP. The league has plenty of support, with well-known teams like FURIA, RED Canids, and paiN Gaming leading the way.

After the LCS, there is a noticeable decline in viewership, which ranks fourth among the leagues with about 81,000 average viewers. They are followed by the LFL, LVP, and VCS.

The playoffs for a majority of the worlds leagues are just around the corner, which should be a boon for viewership across the globe. At the end of the day, only one league will stand tall.