The top Call of Duty: Warzone stat tracking services

The top Call of Duty: Warzone stat tracking services ...

Any Call of Duty: Warzone player should have a Warzone tracker at their disposal in 2022.

There are a number of websites that track your stats in Warzone, and each has its purposes to assist you in reviewing previous games and possibly helping you improve. Or, you might just use them to see how good your stats are and compare them to your pal who just stinks.

These websites provide everything from general statistics to in-depth statistics on a lobby you just walked into, or complete statistics from a game you and your friends attended weeks ago, while arguing who had the most kills.

Your choice for the best Call of Duty tracker may come down to preference. Here are some of the best Warzone stat tracking websites.

The best Call of Duty: Warzone stat tracking websites

Tracker Network is well-known across a wide range of multiplayer games. If you have ever looked up trackers before, you've likely come across at least one of these sites.

The following keywords for almost every major popular multiplayer game of today, including Warzone, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Destiny 2, League of Legends, Halo Infinite, CS:GO, MultiVersus, and more.

The CoD Tracker and Warzone Tracker are both extremely useful, allowing you to see every single match you have played as well as detailed statistics on each of the lobbies you participated in. Whats particularly handy is that you may log in to the site with your Xbox Live or account to view your information in real time.

CoD pages on Tracker Networks include a database of things like in-game store bundles, loot, operators, previous battle passes, weapons, and more.

WZ Stats has a page where you can find your username on any of the three platforms where Warzone is playable. There's also a section dedicated to showing which loadouts are being used by players with a kill/death ratio of 2.00 or higher, so you know which one is appropriate for whatever map or mode is being played.

Due to its connection to the games API, there is a page that shows the current kill records in the game.

WZ Ranked is incredibly intuitive and user-friendly, without having to spend too much time. Along with their pick rate, kill/death ratio, and win percentage, you can immediately see what players are using in the game.