Roblox's Vitellary Marker How to Get It

Roblox's Vitellary Marker How to Get It ...

Find the Markers may seem like a simple scavenger hunt, but it's actually a complicated map with many challenging clues to discover. Such as the one we'll be covering in this brief guide, the Viking Marker is 11 more markers to discover.

Find the Markers: Finding the Vitellary Marker

Once you've spawned into Find the Markers, go to the forest area of the map and locate the factory shown below.

Enter the factory and enter the factory's Assembly Room. Inside of this room should be a brown boxjump inside of this box to enter the factory's basement.

Walk forward and touch the rocket in the corner of the room to get to Mars.

Look for the wooden sign shaped like an arrow in the picture below on Mars. This sign is located to the right of the experiment lab.

Follow the arrow lines and get off the edge of the planettrust us! You should land on the solar system shown below.

Look for the smallGravity Laboratoryplanet and pressEto to teleport to it once inside the solar system.

The whole planet on this planet is a puzzle platform where players must flip switches and maneuver across several platforms while avoiding laser beams in order to get to the Vitellary Marker. To start, walk forward from the planet's spawn point and into the glass room to the right. Press the switch in this room to move to the next area.

Now, grab the short obby below and flip the next switch.

Make your way across the next obby and turn the next switch after the platforms finish readjusting.

The next switch does not require an obby to be completed before it may be flipped. Simply approach it and pressE.

Be extra cautious as you cross the lasers at the next location. They're a bit thicker than some of the others! Once you've successfully reached the other side, flip the next switch.

As your Robloxian falls to the next level, press and hold the appropriate motion key to get to the correct platform. Falling straight down will put you on the wrong platform, and you'll have to repeat the steps above again!

Once you've arrived on the correct platform, proceed to the next point, where you should see the Viteally Marker.

Simply walk off the edge in front of you, ensuring that you're lined up with the platform below.

Add Viteally Marker to your Markerdex by simply approaching and touching it. Upon doing so, you should see the pop-up below.

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