In Tower of Fantasy, where can I find Ball cactus?

In Tower of Fantasy, where can I find Ball cactus? ...

The Ball cactus is found in the Vera continent in Tower of Fantasy. This is one of the many ingredients you may use to prepare this game. You'll also get more benefits from eating it in its original state. Also, this is a cactus, and no matter how strong your avatar is, it's not wise to consume it with spikes. It tastes great when cooked!

All Ball Cactus locations in Tower of Fantasy

All the Homi grains located in the Astra and Banges areas of Aesperia are found on the Tower of Fantasy interactive map above.

How to get Ball Cactus in Tower of Fantasy

In our adventures with Tower of Fantasy, we haven't yet reached the Vera continent. We'll update this page with further information when we discover this sweet, pointed plant.

In Tower of Fantasy, what can we do with ball cactus?

Eating something that might hurt you is never wise, but if it's delicious, you must do it! This is especially true in Tower of Fantasy, where all ingredients have some advantages. These advantages are even more powerful when you cook something with the help of a cooking robot and recepies.