All bishop attack patterns and rewards are applicable to Cult of the Lamb bosses

All bishop attack patterns and rewards are applicable to Cult of the Lamb bosses ...

Do you want to win any of the Cult of the Lamb bosses? The Bishops that control the areas of the Old Faith are no exception, and each bishop is guarded by four apostles, who must be defeated before you can enter the boss room. The apostles have limited attack patterns that are appropriated from the bishop they are guarding.

The process of defeating a Cult of the Lamb boss is quite straightforward: simply deal damage to them until their health bar is completely empty. Of course, your ability to deal damage will depend upon the game's random weapons you choose. Regardless of which build you choose on your quest, this guide to every Cult of the Lamb boss will enable you to defeat them with ease.

Leshy (Darkwood)

Leshy is the first Cult of the Lamb boss youll encounter, but don't underestimate her. This massive spiked worm burrows into the ground, spawning green goo and summoning hordes of regular-sized worms. Be careful to avoid the trail of spikes she leaves behind when Leshy roars.

Leshy will occasionally leap up into the air in between attacks. Fight the flashing reticle that will chase you across the floor in order to avoid the area-of-effect (AoE) damage she deals with her ground slam. Be cautious when approaching her to deal damage. She will slam her face into the ground three times after an attack, punishing anyone who is greedy enough to get too close.

Heket (Anura)

Heket, the second Cult of the Lamb boss, is a major upgrade from Leshy in difficulty due to her extensive moveset and conflicting battlefield. Heket travels around the area at random, and each time she land she sends out a small shockwave that will wreak havoc on your AoE.

Heket releases a stream of homing fly from her mouth at regular intervals, which cause damage if you catch them in the swarm. Throw bombs at random or aim towards you directly. Either way, use the flashing reticles on the floor to avoid them.

If you're not paying attention, one particular attack is sure to cause you to lose interest. When she pauses her attacks to close her eyes, prepare to dodge the moment she opens them, shell attempt to hit you with her tongue. Not only is this attack extremely quick, but it's also paired with an AoE shockwave, so be sure to stay safe.

Heket's health bar will only be reduced to half of her health, leaving two smaller, faster versions behind. Unfortunately, dealing damage to them will not affect Heket's health bar, but you will need to defeat both before you can reduce her remaining health.

Kallamar (Anchordeep)

Kallamar is the boss of the Cult of the Lamb for you. While there are plenty of spiders and bombs to contend with during this fight, the real challenge is avoiding the energy bullets that Kallamar sends outwards in a variety of attack patterns. Take care to keep your distance and dodge, dodge, dodge.

In this Cult of the Lamb boss fight, Kallamar will occasionally poke a swing at you with her sword, but these are easily telegraphed when she holds it aloft. Your main problem will be avoiding the aforementioned spiders and bombs, or rather, avoiding them without placing yourself in the path of an energy bullet.

Shamura (Silk Cradle)

Shamura, the savior of the Cult of the Lamb, is quick to react and quick to poke at you with her razor-sharp forelegs, so prepare to dodge during the split-second pause she takes to recover her hind legs. Shell will be back seconds later, so timing your dodge so you are well out of her way when she lands.

Shamura is a fan of firing bombs in all directions, and as is likely apparent at this point, she prefers to keep your distance. This will allow you to attack her in relative safety only when shes caught up in her swipe animation.

Cult of the Lamb boss rewards

Once you defeat any Cult of the Lamb boss for the first time, make sure to pick up the Heart of a Heretic that spawns over their corpse. Hearts can be used to restore the power of the red crown from the Crown Offering menu in your temple.

The heretical hearts of Cult of the Lamb bosses unlock the following crown abilities:

  • Resurrection: When killed on a crusade run for the first time, sacrifice a follower to be resurrected.
  • The Hunger: Once a day, eat a meal to receive a blue heart.
  • Omnipresence: Focus whilst on a crusade to instantly return to the base.Darkness Within: Receive a Diseased Heart at the beginning of each crusade run.

Slaying a major Cult of the Lamb boss will also reward you with a blueprint for a trophy for defeating that particular boss, which can be displayed in your base once you have collected the necessary materials to construct it. Trophies aren't particularly useful for your cult, although they do appear quite cool.

Finaly, a gold chest will be born, containing a host of useful rewards such as gold, follower forms, blueprints, and Commandment Stone fragments. However, youll most likely end up returning to earlier areas to collect materials such as lumber and stone, and chest rewards are critical when it comes to both expanding your base and declaring Cult of the Lamb beliefs.

As far as the bishops are concerned, that's all we have for our Cult of the Lamb bosses guide. Take a look at our Cult of the Lamb beginners guide for all the finest building upgrades for your cult.