The steps to unlocking the Tower of Fantasy map

The steps to unlocking the Tower of Fantasy map ...

Do you want to know more about the massive Tower of Fantasy map? No problem, as this stunning free MMORPG takes you to Aesperia's mysterious and vast open-world. Although Hykros and Vera will eventually be released, theres enough to keep you busy in Aesperia alone.

When you first begin exploring, your minimap appears to be blurry and vague. Thankfully, there are plenty of fantastic, fan-made interactive maps at your disposal, as well as where to find Omnium Towers, Spacerifts, Puzzles, minerals, and more.

Unlocking the Tower of Fantasy map

First of all, you'll need to know how to unlock the Tower of Fantasy region map. When you first start playing, you'll only have access to a vague minimap, and you'll need to go to your first Omnium Tower to get access to that regions full, clear map. Like reaching a high vantage point to survey the land around you (Everything the light touches is our Kingdom, Wanderer), reaching the top of an Omnium Tower reveals the nearby area, and the first is the Astra Omnium

Aesperias Omnium Towers: 1. Navia Omnium Tower 2. Warren Omnium Tower 3. Banges Omnium Tower 4. Crown Omnium Tower 5. Astra Omnium Tower

The Tower of Fantasy tutorials are pretty extensive, so youll be able to find Aesperias first Omnium Tower by simply following the directions. Once youve completed your main map, youll see markers for Omnium Towers, Shelters, Spacerifts, and more.

Youll also see Hykros from your main map menu. To complete the Anomaly quest in the Omnium Tower, you must first explore Aesperia.

The Genshin Impacts own interactive map has helped many Travellers navigate Teyvat and assisted others in the process, so its no wonder dedicated fans have already begun designing interactive maps for Tower of Fantasy. One of the easiest to navigate is this one, built in the same manner as the Genshin Impact map, so if you know the latter, you will already be familiar.

This interactive map assists you in locating places of interest but also gives you access to items, such as Gold and Black Nuclei, Crystals, Cores, and recipe ingredients, that your in-game map does not. There is also a handy community option, which allows you to share images of your discoveries or look at others' contributions in the event something is particularly difficult to discover.

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With this in mind, we guarantee that youll have no problems with Tower of Fantasy's vast open-world and mastering your new life as a Wanderer. You might also want to see which Tower of Fantasy automobiles you can acquire to get you to your destination quicker.