Season 10 of The Blacklist Debate: What should Dembe do?

Season 10 of The Blacklist Debate: What should Dembe do? ...

Many characters will face big decisions as we approach the release of The Blacklistseason 10 in the new year. Of course, Dembe Zuma will be one of them.

Hisham Tawfiqs' character was beginning to face a difficult decision at the end of season 9. He joined the FBI Task Force in hopes of making a difference following Liz and Reddington's passing away. However, as seasons 9 progressed, Dembe began to drift back into that world. He believes in Reddington; they have gone through most of everything together.

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If Dembe does return to the show with James Spaders, how might it be? This may also depend on The Task Force itself, which may well be dissolved with both Amir Arison and Laura Sohn departing.

Dembes' role, whether it be with the Task Force or Reddington, is likely to be addressed early on in the season. There is no need for the program to sabotage it.