Baker, behind the scenes of Blue Bloods season 13

Baker, behind the scenes of Blue Bloods season 13 ...

Blue Bloodsseason 13 is 100% a strange place to be in as a viewer. Were not yet at the stage where CBS will begin heavily promoting the crime drama again. However, production is still underway, and with that, we were eager to get spoilers whenever we could.

Abigail Hawk is the perfect choice for a brief look behind the scenes at one Abigail Baker, who is known for being extremely loyal to Frank, extremely clever, and one of the few people who can stand up against Tom Sellecks' character, even though he is the police commissioner. He is smart enough to listen to her as do his other advisors in Gormley and Garrett.

Another Instagram post from Hawks reminds you that she is still filming the show, and this time, she has a coffee cup with the NYPD logo stamped on it; there's actually a lot of stuff scattered throughout the set that you'll notice otherwise. It's important for the production team to make you think that the characters are actually in one Police Plaza.

Baker will be expected to play Frank in the eighth episode of Blue Bloodsseason 13, but it would be nice to get to know her more about her life apart from the job! We just know that time is limited. If nothing else, we just want to see her play some important roles alongside Frank.

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