The release date for Hogwarts Legacy has been confirmed

The release date for Hogwarts Legacy has been confirmed ...

The official release date for Hogwarts Legacy has just been announced, and it looks like itll be a bit later than originally planned.

This new magical adventure will take players through the Wizarding World of Hogwarts in a manner that fans have been anticipating for years.

However, players might have to wait a little longer than planned to get their hands on Hogwarts Legacy.

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When does the Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy release?

The PlayStation 4, Xbox, and PC versions of Hogwarts Legacy will be released on February 10, 2023.

At a later date, Avalance Software will reveal the Nintendo Switch version's release date.

This was revealed on their official Twitter and alongside a statement from Chandler Wood, Avalanche Software's community manager.

DLC leaks suggest that players who pre-order the game will be eligible for Early Access to Hogwarts Legacy.

Does Hogwarts Legacy have a release date yet?

After almost two years since it was first announced, Hogwarts Legacy has an official release date.

Hogwarts Legacy was originally scheduled to be released in 2021. However, due to development, Avalanche Software has had to reintroduce the title a few times.

The objective of Avalanche Software and Portkey Games is to provide the best Wizarding World experience for players.

However, it appears that theyre finally able for players to enter the Hogwarts Legacy world. However, it will not be in the Holiday 2022, as previously announced.

Why Was Hogwarts Legacy Delayed to 2023?

Avalanche Software stated that they have pushed their release date back to 2023 in order to spend more time developing Hogwarts Legacy.

Doing this will allow players to study every detail in the open world of Hogwarts Legacy. This will ensure that players have the best experience when they first enter the Wizarding World they are creating.

Avalanche Software has postponed Hogwarts Legacy for the same reason for the second time, but this is the first time they have given a formal release date.

Avalanche Software's message is here:

With this announcement, it is very probable that pre-orders for the recently leaked Hogwarts Legacy Collectors Edition will be available.