Kevin Feige might have been discovered by DC

Kevin Feige might have been discovered by DC ...

Let's face it, being a DC fan has been tough. Despite giving the world some of the greatest superhero films, such as 1978s Superman, 1989s Batman, and the Dark Knight trilogy, DC has remained lagging behind Marvel. While director Zack Snyder certainly has his supporters, his focus on the three main films in the DC Extended Universe has put off some who don't like his idiosyncratic style.

The Batman seemed to be settling into a groove by releasing films that were neither directly linked to each other (Shazam!, Birds of Prey) nor indirectly linked (Joker, The Batman). Recent developments have only complicated things, as new CEO David Zaslav suddenly canceled all other movie projects, except for Joker: Folie a Deux.

Although no one wants this to last for long, Zaslav has been explicit in his interviews and announcements, much like Kevin Feige does with Marvel projects at Disney. A recent event wrap-up published by Variety revealed a plausible scenario.

Berlanti has been the mainstay of Marvel's Arrowverse live-action story, bringing along supporting actors from other film and television films as well as actors from the previous films and television series, including Burt Ward as Robin.

Berlanti may be willing to take the position, according to Variety, although no one from Warner Bros. has actually approached him, and insiders believe the legendary producer would not want to go in-house. Moreover, some observers may wonder if such a single strong hand is even necessary. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is in the fourth stage, potentially stoking public interest in superhero movies.

A Feige-like character might sabotage the multiverse approach DC seemed to be adopting, which set it apart from Marvel. Both have been major successes for the franchise, both of which have connections to the DCEU. A controlling director might limit the storytelling options for artists, opening them up to the most critical criticism of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.