Is Jamie Foxx Getting a Vampire Charge at the End of the Day Shift?

Is Jamie Foxx Getting a Vampire Charge at the End of the Day Shift? ...

The following are spoilers for Day Shift from the editors.

Day Shift, J. J. Perry's first film, starring Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco, and Snoop Dogg, is now available on Netflix as a vampire-fighting action comedy set in the San Fernando Valley. If Bud cant afford the $10,000 it will cost to keep Paige in school and to get her braces, he will have to pay the rent every week.

What happens at the end of Netflix's Day Shift? Does Bud keep his family together? What happens to Bud's new partner Seth, who works at the vampire hunting union and is tasked with ensuring Bud follows the rules? Does Bud outwit Audrey (Karla Souza), the head vampire/realtor for the San Fernando Valley?

Bud kidnaps Bud's wife and daughter, and plans on robbing Paige of her new mother, Audrey.

Heather (Natasha Liu Bordizzo), Bud's neighbor at his apartment building, who is actually a vampire sent by Audrey to keep an eye on Bud, but decides to run against Audrey; Seth, who Audrey and her cronies turned into a vampire, who Bud decapitated, but remains alive, and Big John Elliott (Snoop Dogg), who has a massive rifle that can crush hoards of zombies.

Bud and Big John are overtaken by zombies, one of which bites Big John in the neck in an attempt to get to Bud's wife and daughter. Bud stays behind while Bud goes forward, with John running out of ammunition, then launching what appears to be a gigantic bomb attached to his chest.

Bud meets his wife and daughter and fights Audrey in order to savor the lives of his family. He sets up a trap that decapitates Audrey, keeping the family safe for the time being. Now that Bud has admitted that he is a vampire hunter, Jocelyn admits that she prefers to be a vampire hunter.

Ralph (Eric Lange), the boss of Bud and Seth, shows up to try and eject Bud once more from the union. Seth, who is still alive and well, supports Bud, saying that he has followed the union's guidelines and should therefore remain in the organization.

Day Shift comes to an end with Big John Elliott, seemingly unharmed by the massive blast he caused, ready to fight another day. Snoop Dogg cannot be defeated by even a single explosion.